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Real estate in Türkiye

19/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 283 Real estate in Türkiye

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Turkey is a large and vast country, as Turkey is three times the size of the United Kingdom and about 25% of France. Turkey extends between Europe and Asia. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Aegean Sea, which makes it enjoy an excellent strategic location and stunning and diverse natural scenery in most of its cities. It is a major tourist destination for various tourists around the world.

Real estate in Türkiye
Turkey has recently become a source of attraction for Arab investors, especially in the real estate field, especially after the Turkish government’s facilities for investing and owning real estate, as Arabs can own an unlimited number of real estate and commercial properties.

After the economic development in Turkey over the past years and achieving significant growth rates, real estate has been greatly affected and has achieved noticeable booms over the past two years due to the demand for it from Turks, foreign and Arab investors. The Arab investor prefers real estate investment in Turkey because of the lower prices than the Arab countries and Europe, as well as the high rental returns that reach Approximately 5.4% annually of the property value.

The real estate sector in Turkey is growing very rapidly, as the local demand for real estate is constantly increasing, as is the demand of foreigners and Arabs to buy real estate in Turkey. 9,618 properties were sold to foreigners at the beginning of the year 2019, achieving an increase of 81.5% over the previous year, and Istanbul occupies first place. In selling properties to foreigners, Antalya is in second place.

Reasons for real estate investment in Türkiye
The Turkish economy is constantly growing and thoughtful and specific plans have been developed to make Turkey competitive with the largest investment countries in 2020. The Turkish economy is also the thirteenth largest in the world and fifth in the European Union in 2017.
The population is 82 million people, most of whom are young compared to European Union countries, where half of the population is under the age of 31.7 years. |
A large, academically and scientifically qualified workforce within well-studied plans to increase the productivity of their workers.
● The development of high-tech infrastructure and easy and paved roads for transport to European Union countries, providing sea transport at a low cost and the possibility of movement between Central and Eastern Europe via railways.
● Turkey is considered a gateway to many markets, as it is located in a strategic location linking Europe and Asia.
● Reducing corporate income tax to 20% instead of 33%, and total or partial exemption for industrial and free zones, in addition to incentives for regional and large investments.
● In 1996, a customs union was established between Turkey and the European Union and a free trade agreement with 21 countries.
Türkiye is considered a huge domestic market.

Real estate investment in Turkey has many different types in terms of the profit rate and the period required to return the capital and obtain profits. It is a safe investment that contains a small percentage of risks. Some of these types are:

Buying a property, then renovating it and selling it. This investment begins by studying the required areas, then buying a property there at a low price, then repairing it and selling this property at a higher price, so the investor achieves a reasonable profit ranging from 5 to 20% within a short period.
Buying a property under construction and then selling it after completion of construction. In this case, the investor is interested in studying the area, knowing the prices there, studying the price of the property offered for sale, whether its price will increase after completion, and whether there are services in the area that will help in raising prices during the construction of the project.
Buying a property and then renting it. The profit percentage here varies depending on the property and its price.
Buying a property and then selling it after a long period of time after its price has risen. Here, the investor is interested in buying a property or land in areas that will become vital in the future. This is known by studying the area and knowing the projects that will be equipped with it, such as hospitals, metro stations, and universities, which will make it one of the sought-after areas in the future.
Reasons for the rise in real estate in Turkey Real estate prices have flourished in Turkey during the recent period for several reasons, including:
The Turkish government reduces real estate taxes.
Türkiye enjoys social and political stability.
Facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors, such as real estate residency.
Obtaining Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property for 250 thousand dollars instead of one million dollars.
Building many global competitive projects such as the Istanbul Canal project and the new Istanbul Airport.
The geographical location, tourism components, and natural resources that Türkiye possesses.
Investing in Türkiye to obtain Turkish citizenship: a comprehensive guide
In recent years, Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for investors seeking Turkish citizenship through investment. With its strategic location, vibrant economy and favorable investment environment, Turkey provides a direct path to citizenship for qualified investors. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various investment options available for obtaining Turkish citizenship and the steps involved in the process.

Investment options to obtain Turkish citizenship
Real estate investment: One of the most common ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is through investing in real estate. Investors can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate with a minimum value set by the government. The property can be residential, commercial or development land.

Capital Investment: Investors can also qualify for Turkish citizenship by investing fixed capital in Turkey. This could include purchasing government bonds, depositing in Turkish banks, or investing in Turkish companies.

Creating job opportunities: Another option for obtaining Turkish citizenship is creating job opportunities for Turkish citizens. Investors who employ a certain number of Turkish citizens or

On nationality.

Participation in investment funds: Investing in Turkish investment funds or government-approved venture capital funds is another path to obtaining Turkish citizenship. Investors can become eligible for citizenship by making a specified minimum investment in these funds.

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment
Choose the right investment option: Select the investment option that best matches your financial goals and investment preferences. Consider factors such as the investment amount, potential returns, and eligibility requirements for Turkish citizenship.

Complete the investment: Once you have chosen your preferred investment option, complete the necessary steps to make the investment in accordance with Turkish regulations. This may include purchasing real estate, transferring money, or establishing a business entity in Turkey.

Gather Required Documents: Gather all documents required for the citizenship application, including proof of investment, identity documents, financial statements, and any other supporting papers.

Submitting a citizenship application: Prepare your citizenship application and submit it to the relevant Turkish authorities. List all required documents and pay any fees charged. The application will be reviewed by the Turkish authorities, and you may be asked to attend an interview or provide additional information as needed.

Waiting for approval: Once you submit your application, you will need to wait for approval from the Turkish authorities. The processing time for citizenship applications can vary, but you will be notified of the outcome once a decision has been made.

Obtaining a Citizenship Certificate: If your application is approved, you will receive a Turkish Citizenship Certificate confirming your new status as a Turkish citizen. You may also be issued a Turkish passport, allowing you to enjoy the rights and privileges of Turkish citizenship.

Investing in Turkey for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship provides investors with an attractive opportunity to access a dynamic and growing economy while enjoying the benefits of Turkish citizenship. By carefully choosing the appropriate investment option and following the necessary steps outlined in this guide, investors can successfully obtain Turkish citizenship and open a world of opportunities in Turkey.

contribute to job creation through their business ventures may be eligible for

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