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New Record is Expected for Apartment Sales in Türkiye to Foreigners

02/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 159 New Record is Expected for Apartment Sales in Türkiye to Foreigners

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At least 70 thousand apartments are expected to be sold in the year 2022 AD, according to real estate sector experts in Turkey, breaking the record for the year 2021 AD, which amounted to 58.5 thousand apartments.

All eyes are on Antalya, which achieved a major achievement last year by exceeding the threshold for expected sales of apartments to foreigners.

Apartment sales to foreigners increased by 43.5% in 2021 compared to the previous year and reached 58,576. The share of foreigners in total apartment sales during the past year amounted to 3.9%, according to the Turkish Statistical Authority TÜİK.

Sales increased by a record rate of 77.1% during the month of December, recording the highest monthly sales ever and breaking all percentages recorded during the various months of 2021 AD.

Based on this, there is great optimism among the real estate sector, who expect a continued increase in sales to reach at least 70,000 apartments.

Istanbul is in the lead, followed by Antalya

The largest number of apartment sales to foreigners throughout Turkey went to the giant Istanbul, with 26,469 apartments, representing 45.2% of the total sales.

While Antalya recorded the sale of 12,384 residential units , Ankara came with 3,672 units, Mersin with 2,513 units, Yalova with 1,818, Bursa with 1,683, Izmir with 1,411 , Sakarya with 1,262, and Samsun with 1,157. Trabzon was also among the provinces. Which recorded the highest number of apartments sold , reaching 952 units.

The Iranians are leading and the Germans are on the rise

The Iranians , who took the lead last year in apartment sales in Turkey , did not decline , returning to the top again with a number of 10,056 homes.

The Iranians were followed by the Iraqis with 8,661, the Russians with 5,379, the Afghans with 2,762, and the Germans with 2,358.

The Germans , who ranked sixth the previous year, moved up to fifth place in 2021.

2,090 houses went to the Kazakhs, 1,791 to the Kuwaitis, 1,517 to the Azerbaijani Turks, 1,416 to the Americans, 1,332 to the Yemenis, and 1,296 to the Palestinians.

The most important and latest real estate projectsVillas for sale in Türkiye

Jordan , Ukraine , Egypt , England, Lebanon, China, Pakistan, Sweden and Sudan did not lag behind to join the list of citizens of the countries most in demand for apartments in Turkey .

70 thousand housing units will be the target for the year 2023 in apartment sales in Türkiye

Overseas Real Estate Promotion Association (GİGDER) President Omer Faruk Akbal stated that they exceeded their target of 50,000 units in sales to foreigners within 11 months, and said that they closed the year 2021 with a record high for the month of December.

Iqbal said: “We expect to be able to end the year 2022 with apartment sales to foreigners that could reach 70,000 and sales revenues of up to 10 billion dollars.”

Speaking about the importance of foreign exchange earnings, Akbal said: “We believe that 2022 will be the year in which our country’s economy will grow based on increased production, employment, investment, and the creation of a foreign exchange surplus. Turkey’s export numbers, which continue to increase day by day, are “One of the most important indicators of this, on the other hand, is that our real estate sector will continue to contribute significantly to exports thanks to the foreign exchange income it will provide.”

In another statement by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Construction Association (IDER), Nazmi Durbakalim, he stressed that the increase in the foreign currency exchange rate in recent months has contributed to an increase in demand by foreigners, whether those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship or invest in Turkey, the tourism and culture paradise in The world according to Duryakalem.

Referring to the sales forecast for foreigners for the year 2022, Durpakalem said: “We expect that this year it will reach the level of at least 70 thousand and that our country will earn more foreign exchange as a result.”

15 thousand housing units is the Antalya sales target for 2022

Mr. Selman Ozgun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hilman Yapi Foundation, stated that Turkey maintained its upward momentum in property sales to foreigners in December and broke a new record.

Ozgun explained that the sales figures approaching 8 thousand per month clearly indicate the strength of the sector and the interest of foreigners in the Turkish real estate sector , and we expect to reach new heights in real estate sales to foreigners.”

Noting that Antalya has crossed the threshold of 10,000 for the first time and reached a sales figure of 12,384 units, Ozgun said: “We have at least 15,000 targets this year for the city of Antalya, which with its unique beauty, climate advantages and direct flights to many destinations abroad deserves higher numbers.” Much.

Europe, Africa and Central Asia, the future destination

Tamer Ozyurt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ozyurtlar Holding Company, said that despite the negatives that occurred in 2021, very good achievements were achieved in property sales to foreigners.

Noting that the annual increase of 43.5% in sales to foreigners increases optimism as always, Ozyurt said: “We should not only include the Middle East, but we should also turn towards Europe, Africa and Central Asian countries in our promotional activities. If we are able to Diversifying the use of our resources to foreign investors, we could see much higher numbers this year.”

Ozyurt explained that some incentives must be introduced in order to maintain the strong sales trend in housing, to maintain its current momentum.


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