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Apartments for sale in Antalya 2022

14/01/2022 Investment in Turkey 98 Apartments for sale in Antalya 2022

1 What are the factors that contribute to Antalya's high ranking among Turkish cities in terms of investment and property acquisition?

1- The city's ancient fabric and the grandeur of its scenic surroundings, which overlooks a long stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.
2- Job possibilities, living, and life licenses are always available.
3- Every year, around 100,000 expats from all across Turkey visit the city. In addition to the hundreds of international expats from throughout the world seeking a peaceful and happy lifestyle.
4- It is undergoing one of Europe's major urban transformation initiatives, with old slums being demolished and new contemporary residential apartment developments based on the smart city system being built in their place. That is in addition to reorganizing the city's public transportation system and establishing additional routes.

2 What variables influence the cost of apartments in Antalya? And what is the going price rate?

1- Location and significance: The apartment must be placed in a central location or adjacent to public transit lines and public service facilities like schools and universities. In Antalya, Konyaalti and Kepez are the most prominent examples of central areas.
2- Apartment’s specifications: In terms of age and building materials, the price of apartments grows with the increase in area and number of divisions, the higher the floor, and the more lovely the view and open facade.
3- Services provided: Including indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, saunas, Turkish baths, and children's play spaces. In a neighborhood like Serik, the average price of a 100-square-meter apartment starts at $326, 000, and the investor may, in 18 years, win back the money he used to buy an apartment in Antalya.

3 What are the most significant advantages of Antalya apartments?

• Modern designs, such as the provision of toilets and showers in the parents' room, as well as panoramic views, in addition to the use of heat and cold insulated windows that are also ray-reflective, as well as the use of high-quality building materials, such as parquet floors in the bedrooms and ceramics and alabaster in the common spaces.
• Heating: natural gas is used to heat the ground and the water in many apartments in Antalya, which is regarded as one of the safest, most cost-effective, and best heating methods available.
• Electrical appliances: most apartments come equipped with kitchen appliances.
• Smart home system: to conserve energy by allowing remote administration of the apartment and control of the equipment such as electrical appliances, curtains, taps, heating and cooling, and others using phone applications

Antalya is among the most attractive Turkish cities in terms of scenic beauty and historical significance, making it a popular tourist destination around the globe. Tourism, along with agriculture and trade sectors, is one of the major factors of economic prosperity, and Antalya has become a significant center of population attraction, receiving approximately 100,000 immigrants from all over Turkey each and every year, thanks to the steady progress and expansion in all economic fields, as well as the low cost of living in the city. Furthermore, there are hundreds of foreign expats from all over the globe who desire to live a calm and pleasurable life, similar to a lifelong vacation, and they can find what they want in Antalya.

This rising desire of local and international expats to relocate and reside in Antalya has resulted in the existence of one of Europe's greatest urban transformation projects in Antalya, where ancient slums created in earlier times are being demolished and replaced with contemporary housing developments based on the smart city concept, such as the world-class Konyaalti Coast and Beaches Reorganization and Engineering Project, which was completed in 2018, and the massive Bogacayi project, which attempts to bring the sea into the city and is one of the country's greatest projects after the Istanbul Canal.

Many other factors, other than the reconfiguration and gearing up of parks, coastal areas, natural and historic sites, and various national infrastructure, as well as elevating green areas in the city to higher-than-average international standards, have placed Antalya, according to statistics, at the pinnacle of Turkish cities in terms of real estate prices, especially department prices.

Antalya regions with the highest real estate value:

Apartments for sale in the Konyaalti district of Antalya:

The Konyaalti district ranks first among Antalya districts in terms of investor interest in purchasing apartments in Antalya, and the territory is defined by its placement on the famed Konyaalti shoreline, which derives its name from the region's name. Several public and private beaches, and even the city's biggest public green spaces, as well as countless entertainment venues, such as the Antalya Aquarium, Aktur amusement park, Tunektepe cable car, and other tourist destinations, along with several essential service amenities, such as various educational institutions, the most important of which is the University of Akdeniz, and many government offices, are housed in the Konyaalti district. The Konyaalti district is likewise a central area that is adjacent to the city center. Due to a shortage of land reserves for real estate development in the area, the value of real estate in the region is expected to rise in the future years.

Apartments for sale in the Alanya district of Antalya:

Alanya, which has become a worldwide brand in the sphere of tourism and leisure, is about 100 kilometers from Antalya city center, and according to unofficial data, around 10% of visitors visiting Turkey go to Alanya. Furthermore, Alanya offers various recreational amenities, tourist hotspots, famous beaches, and attractive historical sites in addition to its lovely natural surroundings.


Apartments for sale in the Kepez district of Antalya:

Kepez was always one of Antalya's most popular districts, where property development is taking place, particularly in apartment complexes. It was in second place among Turkey's best-selling areas last year. Furthermore, Kepez is distinguished by its proximity to the city center. With the expansion of real estate development and urban transformation, as well as the completion of the medical city project, the region is distinguished by its embrace of numerous service facilities, tramways, shopping complexes, public parks, and other vital and recreational areas, in addition to the proximity of Antalya International Airport.

Apartments for sale in Lara district of Antalya:

Lara is regarded as one of Antalya's most affluent districts. It is located in the Muratpaşa neighborhood and is convenient to both the city center and Antalya International Airport. Its closeness to the high-end tourist resorts in the Kendo region is particularly noteworthy. The area has a lengthy eastward coastline and is renowned for its bustling "Old Lara Road" Venue.

Styles and spaces of apartments for sale in Antalya 2022:

Traditional apartments:

Traditional apartments are the most common form of houses in Antalya. The options for these apartments start at least with a bedroom, a hall, a bathroom, and a kitchen in so-called 1 + 1 apartments and mount up to 5 + 1 apartments, with sizes ranging from 35 square meters for 1 + 1 apartments to 300 square meters for 4 + 1 and 5 + 1 options. However, the 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartment options are among the most desirable and sought by investors.

Studio apartments:

This style, known as 0 + 1, consists of a single room with a sitting area, a sleeping area, an open kitchen, and a bathroom. This type is the smallest and most affordable, with spaces starting at 30 square meters.

Duplex apartments:

This form of apartments, which consists of two floors connected by a staircase, is common, with upper duplexes placed on the top level of the building and occasionally having a big terrace, and ground duplexes located on the bottom floor of the building and sometimes featuring their own garden. Types here begin at 2 + 1 and frequently reach 4 + 1 with diverse regions.

Penthouse Apartments:

Among the residential complexes, this style of apartment is the most opulent. It is frequently referred to as the "royal apartment" since it is positioned on the top floor of the building.


Spaces of the apartments in Antalya:

One of the most important elements influencing apartment pricing in Antalya is space, particularly in some of the city's core neighborhoods, where there is a scarcity of land suitable for real estate development. However, the sizes of the apartments differ even within one apartment's style. For example, 1 + 1 apartments range in size from 35 square meters to more than 100 square meters, as do 2 + 1 apartments, which range in size from 70 square meters to more than 180 square meters, and 3 + 1 apartment options range in size from 100 m2 to about 280 m2, while 4+1 and 5+1 apartment options range in size from 160 m2 to more than 300 m2 in some cases.

In recent years, it has been observed that some investors prefer to conserve space in apartments in favor of social amenities like swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, gyms, children's playgrounds, and other recreational areas.


Special features of the apartments in Antalya:

The design:

Property developers in Antalya focus on utilizing modern designs and providing bathrooms and showers for the parents' quarters in their apartment buildings.

Building materials and supplies:

This entails the use of high-quality building components and resources that meet international standards for sound, heat, and water resistance, as well as earthquake resilience.

Sanitation Equipment:

As the usage of first-rate sanitary supplies.

Doors and cabinets:

Such as the use of high-quality wood doors and cabinets from well-known Turkish companies in a way that complements the interior architectural style of the flats, and the outside doors of the apartments must be solid steel doors.

Windows and views:

Large windows are used to take advantage of the light and provide panoramic views, as well as an insulation system for both heat and cold, as well as reflecting the sun's rays and using an external electric shutter.

Heating and warming:

The natural gas system is used to heat the ground and water in many Antalya apartments, and it is regarded as one of the safest, cheapest, and most effective heating methods.

Electrical appliances:

Kitchen appliances (stove, oven, microwave, and kitchen hood) are provided usually. However, some apartments offer, in addition to the mentioned above: refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and occasionally cooling and heating devices, and if the heating is natural gas, gas water heaters are delivered with the apartments.

Floors and finishes:

Antalya apartments are distinguished by the use of high-quality flooring that complement the interior design, such as parquet in the rooms and ceramic and alabaster in the common spaces, such as hallways, baths, and kitchens.

Smart Apartment System:

This is to enable remote administration of the apartment and control of home equipment, such as electrical appliances, curtains, faucets, heating and cooling systems, cookers, and others, via an app that the owner downloads on his phone, therefore minimizing energy waste.

Other technical features:

Fire alarm systems, central TV broadcasting systems, internet infrastructure, video and audio doorbells, and audio and video communication devices with complex security are all standard in Antalya apartments.

Special features of apartment complexes in Antalya:

Social amenities:

Indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, saunas, Turkish baths, and children's play facilities are all included. Special projects also feature extra social services such as steam rooms, massage rooms, cafes, and restaurants, as well as cinemas, waiting halls, football fields, and other sports and recreational amenities. This comes in exchange for specific monthly payments paid by the complex's tenants.

Green areas:

Apartment complexes in Antalya are distinguished by green spaces grown and designed in the shape of gardens and lovely interior landscapes that encompass trellises and lounging places, where complex inhabitants may spend delightful hours in comfort.

Security and cameras:

Surveillance cameras are stationed at shared spaces and are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, all Antalya apartment complexes include individual parking spots, some of which are indoor and others of which are open.


Some of apartment complexes have breathtaking views of the sea or lush forest and mountain landscapes. Complexes with beautiful sights of the wonderful city are also available.


The following are the elements that influence the pricing of Antalya apartments:

Location and importance of the neighborhood:

The apartment must be in a central location near the city center or other key districts, public transit lines, and public service facilities such as schools and colleges.

Apartment specifications:

The age and materials used in building affect the price. The larger the flats and the number of divisions, the higher their costs. The higher the apartment's floor, the more expensive it is. The larger the facade and the balcony are, the greater the value of apartments for sale in Antalya.

Services provided:

The greater the number of social services supplied in the complexes where the apartments are located, the higher the value and price of apartments in contrast to identical ones in complexes that do not provide the same services.

Average prices of apartments in Antalya regions:

According to official statistics and indicators, the price of housing units has risen by up to 53% in the last year, putting Antalya at the top of the list of Turkish cities in terms of the rate of rise in housing unit prices.

This means that the investor can recover his capital if he purchases an apartment in Antalya for a term of no more than 18 years.

The average price of a 100 square meter housing unit is as follows:

Capital recovery period

Highest average price limit of 100m


21 years

747800 TL


17 years

347700 TL


18 years

459200 TL


22 years

368500 TL


22 years

493300 TL


23 years

620200 TL


28 years

1127400 TL


19 years

606500 TL


16 years

326300 TL


23 years

365700 TL


Notice: The above data is derived from the Zinc Index.


Apartments for sale in Antalya fulfill the requirements of the Turkish citizenship:

Antalya apartments a promising investment opportunity:

The desire for apartments in Antalya is rising in the city as a whole and in places with limited availability in particular, with the districts of Konyaalti, Alanya, Kas, Kemer, and Kepez attracting international investors, particularly Russians, Germans, and Englishmen, as well as, in recent years, investors from the Middle East, Central Asia, and other parts of the world, who have begun to invest in Antalya, the city became second only to Istanbul in terms of foreign investor sales.

Apartments for sale in Antalya and Turkish citizenship:

Many foreign investors want to invest in Turkey's real estate sector in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, as the law allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for purchasing a property in Turkey has been amended, lowering the minimum property value to $250,000. This has increased foreign investors' desire to own apartments in Antalya. Many apartment developments meet the requirements of the Turkish Nationality Law, some entirely, i.e. 100 percent, and some just partially, i.e. 70 percent. damasturk Real Estate, which is operating actively in the Antalya real estate market, provides its valued clients with apartment options that meet the necessary requirements for getting Turkish citizenship.


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