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6 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Villa

15/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 159 6 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Villa

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Here are six things you must consider when purchasing a villa.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It would be best to buy a villa in Turkey if you desire to have the best time. There are so many significant developments in Turkey these days. The real estate prices are hiking high due to it, and it will continue to increase in the days to come.

How do I find a villa for sale in Istanbul? Is this the question that you are struggling with and unsure how to proceed further? Here are some of the simple steps you can take to find the villa of your dreams in this ambitious city.

Write Down Your Requirements:

Yes, this is the first thing that matters the most when planning to purchase a villa in Turkey. Take time to list down all your requirements depending on your needs. It may be wise to speak with your family to understand their requirements before taking things further. If necessary, create a checklist, which will come in handy when you go out hunting for a property. Take some time to prepare the list rather than doing it in a hurry. Make it as detailed as possible.

Location of the Property:

The next thing that you should be concerned about is the location of the property. Where exactly do you want to buy the property from in Turkey? Are you planning to buy it in a secluded place outside the city, or are you planning to purchase a property within the city center or near a hospital, children’s school, or your office?

Decide on the areas where you want to live before even starting the search. This way, you will not waste any time. Finding the right property will become easy when you take care of this aspect.

Get the Residence Permit:

Foreign investors who purchase a property in Turkey can apply for a residence permit. Turkey wants to motivate and encourage foreign investors and provides this option to people who love this beautiful country and live here.

Foreigners who purchase a property in Istanbul can get the residence permit and renew it as long as they have the property under their name. People who want to visit the country during vacations do not have to worry about this aspect—one reason why you should look for a villa for sale in Istanbul.

Start Searching for Properties:

There are so many ways to find properties for sale in Istanbul. You can find real estate agents, or if you desire to save money and time, you can look for properties using online portals. Freeze down all the properties and plan to visit them to inspect if they are upto the mark and see if you like them.

Negotiate the Price:

Lastly, it would be best if you planned on negotiating the price of a property. Learn the market value of properties in a particular area before taking things forward. Doing this kind of research will help you save a lot of money over a period and to find the right property.


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