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Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - Exterior picture 01
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - Exterior picture 02
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - Exterior picture 03
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - Exterior picture 04
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - Exterior picture 05
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - Exterior picture 06
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - interior picture 01
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - interior picture 02
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - interior picture 03
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - interior picture 04
Damas Project D-377 in Yalova - interior picture 05

apartment For sale in Yalova Merkez luxurious finishes DY007

  • Yalova

  • 2 Block

    64 Flat
  • City Center

    12 km
  • Under-Cons

  • 40%


    18 Months

Prices Start From

Rooms Area (m2) Observations
1+1 117 69.500 -
2+1 118 86.000 -
3+1 152 126.000 -

Overview ... Facilities and Services

  • The project consists of 2 blocks that are under construction where all services are available. At the bottom of the building, there is a sports room and an indoor swimming pool in addition to sauna rooms and Turkish bath where the family can book this floor for some hours a day and use all services. The project is located in Termınal area, that is one of the most famous areas in the city of Yalova, where thousands of tourists come every year around the world for the sake of treatment by using sulfur water. As for the project, it offers excellent property apartments where inside each apartment there is a private tap connected to sulfur water from the ground and the resident can enjoy using it inside the house at no extra cost. Each apartment has its own terrace where residents can make barbecues in a scenic landscape.
  • The project is located in the highest area of the city of Yalova where residents can see the whole city of Yalova and the city of Istanbul as well. The location of the project is characterized by overlooking a huge forest and the sea where you can see the city of Istanbul through it.
  • The construction company made a previous project and supervised the owners' apartments and announced them for daily rental, which provided a good profit return for the owners, and after the success of this service, the project administration will provide this service upon completion of the project
  • Children's playground
  • Sauna Rooms
  • Turkish Bath
  • Steam Rooms
  • Fitness Facility
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Earthquake Resistant Building
  • outdoor car Park

Service institutions

  • The project is located 1 km from the terminal market, the oldest and most famous market in the city of Yalova, where there are many restaurants, cafes, antiques and traditional gifts, surrounded by the market of many luxury hotels due to the importance of the region.
  • The project is 2 km away from the Yalova municipality bath, the most famous sulfur bath in Yalova, where it is more than 1000 years old and is visited by many visitors around the world.
  • The project is 9 km from Yalova University.
  • The project is 9 km from the sea.
  • The project is 8 km from the famous Sudüşen Waterfall.


  • Yalova is a peaceful city with a population of only 200,000 people. It is characterized by the picturesque nature and the famous sulfur water.
  • There are many advantages in the city, as it is number one for those who want to get away from the crowds of Istanbul and want to settle in a city with all the amenities. In fact, there is no place better than living in a cheap city that has all the amenities and entertainment, such as the sea and nature and the lack of noise or crowded cars inside the city.
  • The project is located in one of the most important areas of the city of Yalova, that is the terminal area "sulfur water", where the area receives thousands of tourists annually who come for treatment purposes with sulfur water. The area is full of nature and dense trees that is located on a hilltop where the resident can see the city of Yalova and Istanbul through.


  • The project is located in front of a bus station that transfers residents periodically to Yalova and other important places.

Future look

  • Yalova is a modern investment city, formerly a subsidiary of Istanbul which has not received enough government attention. Because it was not an independent municipality, its financial share of the Istanbul municipality was very weak. However, after Yalova became an independent city, its financial support was increased by the government and many service and commercial establishments were opened. Investors consider it a golden white area, where nature, sea and beautiful tranquility, as well as sulfur water are available in the city.
  • As for the Arabs, Yalova has a large classy Arab community, and there are two Arab schools in addition to some other Arab centers there. For this reason, Yalova is the most suitable city for any Arab family considering stability.


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