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apartment For sale in Istanbul Başakşehir proximity to metro DS319

  • Istanbul

  • 2 Block

    88 Flat
  • City Center

    19 km
  • Ready

Prices Start From

Rooms Area (m2) Observations
1+1 64 162.700 -
2+1 130 310.400 Last One
shop 62 229.700 Only few left

Project video

Overview ... Facilities and Services

    The project consists of one building with 22 floors, divided into three phases.
  • The first phase is from the first floor to the second floor, consisting of restaurants, cafeterias, and shops.
  • The second phase is from the third floor to the sixth floor, featuring a 5-star hotel.
  • The third phase is from the seventh floor to the 22nd floor, offering luxury apartments with one-room and one- or two-bedroom apartments.
  • This complex is government-guaranteed since the project site belongs to the municipality, and prominent companies are contributing to the complex's construction.
  • Sauna Rooms
  • Turkish Bath
  • Fitness Facility
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Earthquake Resistant Building
  • outdoor car Park
  • Indoor Swimming Pools

Service institutions

  • In addition to its variety due to the diversity of the social fabric of the region's inhabitants, Başakşehir is defined by its huge number of educational institutions that make it a destination for many families involved in ensuring that their children receive a good educational level. Whereas Başakşehir area contains numerous governmental and international educational institutions under Arab or Turkish supervision, ranging from kindergarten and nursery schools spread throughout the region up to secondary schools, in addition to its proximity to the most significant international schools in Istanbul, such as Safir International School in Bağcılar, one of the first English-speaking Turkish international schools in Istanbul to be certified by the California Department of Education.


  • Başakşehir is located on the European side of Istanbul. In 2008, it was announced as an independent district of Istanbul's 39 districts. The population of Başakşehir is 469,924 people, a number that emerged from a noticeable boost in the population in the former three years. This increase reflects the urban and economic prosperity that the region is beholding. However, Başakşehir consists of three chief divisions and 10 neighborhoods:

  • 1) Başak Residences - Ekiteli,

  • 2) Altınşehir - Kayabaşı,

  • 3) Bahçeşehir.

  • Bahçeşehir is the most populous borough of Başakşehir and it is an area that has been formed according to modern living models.

  • Başakşehir is an exemplary district for those who want to escape from the hectic weekdays, as it hosts Bahçeşehir   Lake, the first and largest artificial pond in Turkey with an area of 26.000 square meters, in addition to massive areas of gardens surrounding the lake; stretching over an area of 300 thousand square meters, plus restaurants, playgrounds, private clubs, and cafes. Those who want to stroll under the pine trees and be in direct contact with nature can experience tranquility in Şamlar Nature Park, the historic Azatlı Gunpowder House, and the Yarımburgaz Caves, which were declared a Grade 1 Natural Archaeological Site in 2001.


  • The recent urban renaissance in Başakşehir went beyond service, medical, and residential centers to expand and open many road structures to facilitate access to health care and social facilities, as well as tourist areas that characterize Başakşehir region, demonstrating the amount of interest and government orientation to achieve the region's prestigious status for its pioneers and those looking to buy a property in Turkey be that in the district of Başakşehir or outside it.

  • Roads and railway lines servicing Başakşehir district:

  • The TEM highway, as well as railroads (tramways), provide access to Başakşehir. Furthermore, there are bus services in the region.

  • Başakşehir Metro:

  • The construction of Başakşehir metro started in 2006, with the first gate passing through the “Başak Konutları Station” and the second gate passing through the "MetroKent Station." The metro also splits into two lines at the " İkitelli Sanayi Station:"

Future look

  • Today, more than a year after its opening, the Medical City in Başakşehir (Cham and Sakura Medical City) is among the most important evidences of Turkey's progress in the healthcare sector, as President Erdogan predicted at the opening that it would be one of the most important and prominent brands in terms of medical tourism in Turkey, and with these specifications, it occupies a notable position.

  • In addition to hosting approximately 25 medical centers, as well as Istanbul's largest government hospitals and a number of private hospitals, Bahçeşehir host this medical city, which is designed to withstand earthquakes, was classified as the largest isolated building in the world at the time of its opening by Building Design + Construction magazine. Due to its high significance, we shall elaborate on its qualities and services in this article, as well as discuss the other most significant medical centers in the Başakşehir region:


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