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How to Get a Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing a Land parcel? A Complete Guide

24/03/2022 Turkish Citizenship 144 How to Get a Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing a Land parcel? A Complete Guide

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Looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul but can't figure out if this is the right property for you to buy? Purchasing a home can be one of the heaviest investments of your lifetime. One has to be careful while selecting the place they are going to stay in for an extended period of time. Well, to help you out with the right selection, here we are with a few tips that can help you purchase the villas of your dreams.

There are many advantages to investing in commercial properties in Turkey. It is cheaper than doing business in an EU country. It's a member of the European Union and trading with them is easy. You don't have to get Turkish citizenship to trade here either.

For investors, this is a win-win situation. They get all the benefits of doing business right in Turkey and get to enjoy the tax-free benefits as well. They don't have to worry about the political situation or new laws. The government doesn't interfere either. Buying property might also land you with citizenship. Get your dream of obtaining a Turkish nationality by purchasing a land there.

Why is buying a property in Turkey a good decision?

You can get loans for new projects at competitive rates. If you have properties that need repairs, you don't have to hire a local team of workers — you can get a small renovation carried out in a few hours.

Another advantage of commercial properties in Turkey is its location. It is very close to Germany and the Mediterranean Sea. That means you can have access to markets and consumers quickly and easily. In Europe, it's fairly easy to reach your customer from the other side of the country.

If you want to buy a piece of property in another part of the country, you can get it done too. If you decide to sell your own home in the near future, you can get a good price. This means that commercial real estate in Turkey is a secure investment.

Yet another advantage of investing in commercial properties in Turkey is that there is little growth. It has been growing a bit in the past few years, but that has been balanced by new housing starts and new housing developments. You can see a continuing trend in the housing market. That means people are buying houses for their personal use and then renting them out. It will take time for commercial properties in Turkey to get to the same level as residential areas.

The last advantage of getting Turkish citizenship is that you will get some benefits that other people don't. One of these is better health care. You will get access to some of the best hospitals in the world. Some of these hospitals will be run by foreigners. You can also get your Turkish nationality citizenship by purchasing land in Turkey.


In terms of setting up your own business in Turkey you won't have much to worry about either. Most businesses require licenses in order to operate legally and this will be required before you even start your business. You should contact the local authorities and get these requirements before you make any moves regarding your business. Once you are licensed to sell commercial real estate in Turkey, you will then need to get your Turkish business license, so you can sell your properties. Once you are ready to go, you should consider hiring a realtor in order to help you find your clients and make the most of the opportunities offered by the Turkish market.Call us for more information.


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