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Safe Investment in Türkiye 2024

26/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 958 Safe Investment in Türkiye 2024

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Real estate ranks first among the investment tools that received the most satisfaction among Turks, with a rate of 81%. Representatives of the sector state that the main reasons for satisfaction with real estate are the increase in value and not losing it, and the need for housing, which increases foreign investments, according to the evaluation that was conducted. By the Financial Office of the Turkish Presidency, with the participation of 15,41 people, in the section on clearly evaluating the role of real estate as one of the most important investment tools.

There was satisfaction among the 72 participants at a rate of 81%, and according to the evaluation that was made, it came after real estate investments, gold at a rate of 76%, followed by deposit accounts at a rate of 72%, foreign currencies at a rate of 71%, then commercial businesses at a rate of 67%, and the participation account at a rate of 65%. %. Indicating that the Turkish people are more satisfied with real estate investments than gold and the dollar, sector representatives stressed that real estate always earns money in the long term, and citizens cannot abandon this investment due to the need for housing.


Neither gold nor the dollar, real estate is the safe harbor:

Mahmoud Iqbal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzul Group, said in his statement that anywhere in the world gold is called a “safe harbor,” but despite that, the safe harbor for Turkish investments, according to the survey conducted by the Financial Office of the Turkish Presidency, is real estate, and this matter gives foreigners security in Real estate investments in our country.

“In fact, when we look at the total housing sales in the real estate sector, it is an example that shows that we have been the European champion for the last 7-8 years,” Iqbal said. He also mentioned that the real estate price index, which was 45.4 in January 2010, was achieved at 146.7. In September 2020, he pointed out that Central Bank data said that indicators indicate that the average house price has increased more than 3 times in the past ten years, indicating that the increase in real estate prices in developed countries over the past ten years averaged 50%. , “Other financial instruments in Turkey are one of those properties that these facts lie in considering it as a more satisfactory investment vehicle. As a result, the Turkish people, according to the survey and evaluation, said that there is neither gold nor dollars, but real estate is the safe haven.


Satisfaction continues despite the pandemic:

Tamer Ozyurt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ozyurtlar Holding Company, said that the real estate and construction sector ranks first in demand as the most profitable and reliable investment tool in every period. Ozyurt pointed out that real estate does not allow losses in addition to the premiums it provides in the short and long term, and it is a tool A promising investment has a large share in this, and Ozyurt said: “Despite the pandemic period, our sector has once again returned to first place in terms of investor satisfaction. The rise in gold and foreign exchange prices during this period did not prevent this satisfaction. Investors feel safe by investing in real estate, Because they have no chance of losing.

Real estate with low risks and constant profits:

Mr. Selcuk Celik, member of the Executive Committee of NAF, stated that financial assets such as interest, foreign currencies, stocks and gold also carry risks, and said: “Real estate is the most valuable need, an investment tool that does not make investors lose in the medium and long term, that is, it is a very low-risk investment.” It is an investment objective that provides income in two different streams due to appreciation and rental income. Noting that investors with financial expertise invest in real estate and include properties in their investment baskets, Celik made the following assessments:

Real estate gains value faster in developing countries, but even in developed countries, real estate is the most important investment instrument in demand. In fact, according to official data, the average value of a home in the United Kingdom, which was 160 thousand pounds in 2010, became 230 thousand pounds in 2020. The average value of a home in this country in 2000 was 81 thousand pounds, meaning Another we see is that a home purchased in 2000 has been appraised 3 times. In developing countries, he emphasized that evaluation is rapid.

The opportunity and investment value is even higher. So it is clear that real estate provides a clear and high return at all times in terms of purchase or rent.


Real estate investments consciously and thoughtfully:

Mr. Salman Ozgun, Chairman of Hellman's Board of Directors, expressed his appreciation for the ongoing issue in Turkey for years that it is continuing due to the recent reduction in exchange rates and interest rates.

“Now, real estate investments are made with a conscious approach and research,” Ozgun said. “We are working with private consultants and fund managers on this issue. Both the increase in value and easy follow-up, and the lack of ups and downs like other investment tools, make real estate a safe harbor.”

Pointing out that previous experiences increase satisfaction with investment and ensure continued investment in this field, Ozgun pointed out that tracking real estate investment is much easier than other tools, which increases satisfaction, continuity and success.

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