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How to Make an Offer on a House for Sale?

12/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 224 How to Make an Offer on a House for Sale?

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A home of your own is everybody’s dream. But finding the perfect home of your dreams can be tough and even if you are lucky to find one, you might not know the nuances of making a real estate deal.

Whether you are buying your first property or you have invested earlier as well, buying a house for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul that you like should not be done in haste, even though the thought of buying the property is pretty exciting. There are certain things you should consider before you make an offer and sign the sale agreement.

  1. Should be in Your Budget – Regardless of how impressive the property may seem to you, you mustn’t go over your planned budget. Temptations of buying a good property are very common in a real estate world. Most of the real estate agents drool over these temptations to sell a property at a higher price. However, don’t fall in the trap because otherwise, you may find yourself tied to an investment that you cannot afford and you may have to foreclose. So, stick to your financial limits.


  1. Area of the Property – The space of the property you are planning to buy should also accommodate your plans. So, if you are newlyweds and planning to expand your family in the future, you would want a house for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul that can have the ability to expand according to your future needs. Buying a house is not something you do every year or every two years. It is usually a one-time investment and should be done with proper considerations.


  1. Thorough Check of the Property – Don’t just blindly go by the words of real estate agents. They are programmed to create hype about the property to make it enticing for the customer. Remember, even the best looking home could have some defects. So, make sure you thoroughly check every inch of the property. If possible, hire a professional to inspect the home because, despite detailed scrutiny, you might miss some details. The professionals will check the house thoroughly and if they find any incurable damages, it’s best to pass.


  1. Consider the Neighbourhood – The property you are planning to buy should have a safe and secure neighbourhood. It should be settled enough for you to move in immediately. Also, if you have kids, you should find a property that has good schools nearby, community parks and other facilities. This is something that is usually forgotten if the property is impressive and under your budget. But make sure you weigh all the factors carefully.

Apart from all these points, check for the property taxes and the possibilities of increasing shortly. Even these costs should be included in your purchase budget. Also, the property should be within the current market price range. All these factors together will help you make a wise decision that you can appreciate yourself for the rest of your life.

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