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The cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul - the most popular in the real estate market at special prices

17/01/2023 Investment in Turkey 977 The cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul - the most popular in the real estate market at special prices

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The city of Istanbul combines the beauty of nature and history with many museums, palaces, and historical structures in a way that captivates visitors from the first time they arrive. It is a big metropolis with around 20 million residents. Istanbul is regarded as a major economic, historical, and cultural center that draws tourists from all over the world, particularly Turks who also live in other cities. If you are considering moving and settling in Turkey and want to acquire a cheap apartment in Istanbul, but the high costs and abundance of possibilities may prevent you from doing so, you have come to the right place. Through us, you can purchase high-quality apartments in Istanbul for the cheapest price possible. We have collected all the details you need to locate the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul in this article for your convenience.

The cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul in 2022

Apartments in Istanbul range in price from pricey to medium-priced to cheap. So, we do not imply by "cheap" that the apartment is substandard or that the area is undesirable. It is easy to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul; you only need to confirm that some specific standards are met in these apartments, particularly given that Istanbul is a sizable city with easily accessible public amenities and a scattered network of shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

The guidelines for buying the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul

Apartment prices are influenced by a wide range of factors, which we will list in more depth below:

  • The size of the flat has a significant impact on its price. For instance, we see that the 1+1 apartment is less expensive than the 1+5, and so on. The lower the price, the smaller the area.
  • In comparison to other apartments, those located away from the city center, important tourist attractions, or major transit centers are less expensive.
  • Off-plan apartments, which are under construction projects and often unfinished units, are less expensive. You may use a reliable real estate company to help you find an apartment in the scheme at a reasonable price without being scammed.
  • Resale apartments that need restoration typically cost less than new apartments or apartments in major residential complexes. These apartments are notable for the prospect of investing in them; that is, purchasing them, restoring them, and then reselling them for a significant profit.
  • Apartment prices are significantly influenced by views, since apartments with views of the nature tend to be more expensive.

Taking these criteria into account and using an experienced real estate company with great knowledge of the real estate market, you can explore the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Turkish regions and cities with affordable apartment options

  1. Istanbul city

Absolutely, cheap apartments can be found in Istanbul disticts, which is known for having expensive real estate in comparison to other Turkish cities; however, here are some of the neighborhoods where cheap apartments can be found:

Beylikdüzü distict is situated on the European side and has easy accessibility to other areas because of the comprehensive transit system available in it. Real estate prices in this region are appealing, and it is considered a quickly rising real estate market in Istanbul.

Beylikdüzü is a fantastic option for families because it has lots of commercial centers, hospitals, and schools. The government has given this region a lot of attention, and it now ranks among Istanbul's most upscale and peaceful areas.

Esenyurt district, which is on the European side, has emerged as a popular place to buy real estate, and there are many contemporary residential complexes there with cheap prices and great capabilities.

The Silivri region, which is particularly well-liked by both tourists and Turks, is distinguished by its stunning sea views. There are also many cheap apartments for sale in this popular tourist area.

On the European side as well, it is a peaceful and lovely area, situated on the Sea of Marmara, where restaurants and tourist cafés are dispersed in an incredible way. Real estate prices are thought to be cheaper than in many areas of Istanbul and have a bright future in Turkish real estate investment.

  1. Istanbul's countryside

The countryside of Istanbul is the best option if you want to escape the city's hustle and bustle and enjoy the vast green areas, fresh air, unique events, and thrilling family vacations.

The real estate market in Istanbul's countryside is known for its cheap prices. Among the most lovely and reasonably priced residential neighborhoods in Istanbul's countryside are Şile, Ağva, and the Polish village.

  1. Antalya city

Antalya is a city in southwest Turkey that is situated on the Mediterranean coast. It has a temperate climate. Most of the year is sunny, while the winters are mild and wet with temperatures between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius.

You can enjoy the summer and participate in a variety of activities in this city, which is renowned for being the tourist center of Turkey. Antalya real estate is affordable, has cheap apartments for sale, and may be invested in. Investors can benefit spectacularly by renting out their apartments during the tourist season.

  1. Sakarya City

It is located in northern Turkey, two hours from the industrial and agricultural center of Istanbul. It offers a lot of high-end residential developments at low costs, which makes it a potential real estate market.

  1. Dalaman City

Dalaman is a city on the Mediterranean Sea in southwest Turkey. It has Dalaman International Airport, which arranges direct international flights. Dalaman offers Turkey's most affordable property prices in 2022.

  1. Trabzon City

Trabzon is located in northeastern Turkey on the Black Sea coast. It is known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, and it is rich in natural beauty, mystery, and ancient history. There are several affordable housing options in this city. One of the most famous destinations in the Turkish north is the village of Uzungöl, Sultan Murad Heights, Haider Nabi Resort, Sera Gul Lake, Cave of Chal, and Sumela Monastery.

  1. Didim city

Didim is one of the undiscovered residential areas. It is a tourist destination situated in western Turkey's Aydin Province along the Aegean Sea. The apartment prices are cheap there, and it is a suitable place for living and stability due to its complete calm. The golden sand beach and the Temple of Apollo are two of the most well-known in this area.

Purchasing a cheap apartment in Istanbul

Buying a cheap apartment in Istanbul is a kind of investment where you can purchase an old apartment and renovate it and sell it, or purchase an apartment far from the city center at a cheap price without worrying. Given how quickly Istanbul is growing and how much demand there is for real estate, it won't be long before that apartment in the remote region becomes a vital location connected by a strong transportation network.

Why should you buy a cheap apartment in Istanbul?

The fact that essential amenities are accessible throughout Istanbul's areas encourages some people to look for a cheap apartment in a nice neighborhood rather than an expensive luxury apartment for a number of reasons:

  • Limited budget

The limited budget is one of the main reasons why some people buy cheap apartments, as real estate, no matter how low its price, needs an appropriate amount of money.

  • Willingness to invest

Many wealthy people turn to purchasing several cheap apartments in order to reinvest in them and increase their wealth, since successful real estate investing is a simple and secure way to make money over the long term.

  • Real estate residence permit

One of the most essential reasons for foreigners purchasing property in Turkey is real estate residence permit, which ensures their ability to live and settle legally. Furthermore, you grant all rights to your family members, the spouse and children under the age of 18, including the right to an education and health care, as well as the right to reside in Turkish territory.

The most important tips to keep in mind when buying an apartment in Istanbul

  • Before purchasing apartments in Istanbul, thoroughly research the reasons for your purchase, whether you want to invest or live, and then research the available options.
  • Seek assistance from specialized companies to assist you in seizing opportunities, such as when cheap apartments become available, someone needs to sell an apartment quickly, or if you want to purchase a luxury apartment in a high-end residential complex.
  • Conduct real estate inspections to inspect apartment infrastructure and construction sites to ensure that there are no delays in the progress of work on projects under construction.
  • Examine the property's legal status, title deed, and real estate appraisal report.

The advantages of living in Istanbul

  • Istanbul is a tourist and historical city that draws millions of visitors each year. It has many advantages, and housing and living in it is a dream for many.
  • Its strategic location, which connects it to both Asia and Europe, as well as its International Airport, which organizes flights to all countries in the world.
  • Istanbul is a promising investment environment par excellence, and it is appealing to investors, and the Turkish government is pursuing many policies that facilitate the investment process there.
  • There are numerous job opportunities in Istanbul, so you can work in a variety of fields, such as translation, tourist guide, or foreign investment.
  • There are luxury apartments and real estate in Istanbul with stunning natural views.
  • Istanbul is a well-developed and luxurious city with an impressive transportation network that connects all of its regions and allows its residents to move freely.
  • Istanbul has a mild climate, which reflects the natural beauty of the city. You can enjoy ice skating in the winter and swimming along its coasts in the summer.
  • The cultural mix and diversity of ethnicities and civilizations make Istanbul a city that brings the world together. Furthermore, the Arab presence, Islamic culture, and the spread of mosques distinguish it from all other cities in the world.

The benefits of affordable apartments in Istanbul

  • Buying a cheap apartment that meets your demands enables you to prioritize your needs and spares you the hassle of high monthly payments if you bought a property at a high cost.
  • If you plan to renovate the resale apartments you buy, you are making an investment.
  • The opportunity to experience the natural magnificence of the Turkish countryside is provided by cheap countryside apartments.
  • The option to buy many properties at cheaper prices in Istanbul will allow you to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul: a great investment opportunity

Cheap apartment prices in Istanbul

Istanbul has several neighborhoods where cheap apartments are available, and with consistent research, you may find something that meets your capabilities. By the way, the prices of cheap apartments in Istanbul begin at $40,000 USD.

Resale apartments

Resale apartments are old apartments that have been built for decades and inhabited by many people. These resale apartments may be in good condition or in urgent need of renovation in order to be re-housed.

Istanbul resale apartments: what are they?

Resale apartments in Istanbul are apartments that were constructed decades ago in one of Istanbul's areas. These apartments may be found in a complex or a residential neighborhood, and they are distinguished by their affordable prices when compared to the newly built apartments in modern residential complexes.

The most prominent characteristics of resale apartments in Istanbul

  • Resale apartments have affordable prices. In addition to the variety of alternatives, this is practically the first benefit of resale apartments.
  • Resale apartments are available to be re-maintained, invested in and gain long-term benefits, or re-sold.
  • You may obtain an apartment in a vital location for a relatively reasonable price since resale apartments are usually in strategic locations.

The disadvantages of resale apartments in Istanbul

  • The damage is a significant problem because we find a large number of resale apartments that are severely damaged and may require total repair, which entails spending a large amount throughout the restoration process.
  • The scarcity of installments in old apartments is attributable to their cheaper pricing than new-built apartments.
  • There are also legal issues like leases or mortgages, as well as the challenge of rearranging and splitting rooms in a resale apartment.
  • Istanbul is presently experiencing a surge in civilizational transition, which may endanger your old site and surprise you with the decision to remove it.

The most important advantages of buying new apartments in Istanbul

  • You can select your apartment based on the features you desire, including the number of rooms, the area, the size, and the view. In other words, you can receive the exact apartment of your dreams.
  • Installment is one of the advantages that makes buying a brand-new apartment in Istanbul a viable option for living and investment.
  • New apartments are generally offered in high-end residential complexes, where the apartments are luxurious and have all the conveniences.
  • Security, which is of a high level in new apartments as modern technologies such as surveillance cameras, modern doors, etc. are often employed.
  • Whether the purchase is completed through full or partial payment, you can obtain your apartment and move in right away, or even rent it out right away, immediately after signing the contract.
  • There is a prospect of getting a real estate residence permit or Turkish citizenship because ready-made properties may have a price that corresponds to the minimum permitted to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Disadvantages of buying a new apartment in Istanbul

Buying a new apartment offers numerous benefits, but it also has disadvantages. In comparison to other types of apartments, new ones are typically more expensive and have lengthy monthly payments. On the other hand, it can take some time for apartments that are still being built to be delivered.

Resale apartments with instalments for sale in Istanbul

Finding a resale apartment in installments is a good option for people on a tight budget because the price in this case is often reasonable and the payment is in manageable installments. Besides, these sales present a fantastic chance for savings.

The advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul

Buying an apartment in Istanbul is an opportunity to reinvest in real estate in Turkey, whether now or later. With real estate prices constantly rising and a huge demand for it, you may make a lot of money if you sell the apartment after a few years. Moreover, you may gain Turkish citizenship.

The chance to live in Istanbul is one that millions of people look forward to because of the benefits it offers that are unavailable in many other cities across the world.

Pivotal procedures to take while buying resale apartments in Istanbul

  1. The purpose of buying an apartment in Istanbul

The most crucial question you should ask yourself before buying a resale apartment is why you want to buy such property in Istanbul or maybe an apartment for sale in Antalya, for example. You must be clear about why you are making the purchase and determine if you want to buy the apartment to invest in Turkey or to live in it. The budget, location, and property requirements may all be determined after you have defined your goal.

  1. Get to know Istanbul's different areas

Consider all of your alternatives, learn about the many neighborhoods in Istanbul and the benefits of living there, and then pick the one that best reflects your preferences.

There are excellent chances in several parts of Istanbul. For instance, there is the Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul's European side, which is distinguished by its gorgeous setting and whose name, when translated, means "the city of gardens." This region is well known for its refinement, allure, unique beauty, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

There is also the Başakşehir district, which has grown to be one of the most desirable areas for both foreign and domestic investors due to its excellent location in European Istanbul and numerous features that set it apart from other parts of Istanbul. Additionally, there are many suitable apartments in this area at affordable prices for Turkish citizenship.

  1. Engage a real estate agent

Real estate companies serve a significant role in connecting investors and real estate owners, and their relevance rests in their comprehensive understanding of real estate markets, legal issues, and the appropriate paperwork, allowing the investor to receive the property he desires while avoiding real estate scammers.

Use a reputable real estate company and attempt to speak with a few customers who have worked with this company to learn more about the company's reputation and its staff's background in the real estate industry.

As a real estate company, we in Damasturk have a large number of qualified real estate experts ready to assist you until you find the home you desire.

  1. Real estate tours are required

After choosing your apartment, make sure the details of the property you reviewed match those in the title deed by going on real estate tours and inspecting, checking, and seeing for yourself all the possibilities that are accessible.

Areas featuring resale apartments for sale in Istanbul

One of the most crucial regions where we may find resale apartments in Istanbul at low costs is Esenyurt, which we previously discussed with Beylikdüzü. These two areas actually feature a wide variety of service amenities, including parks, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutions.

In terms of infrastructure, the Turkish government has given these two regions a lot of attention. Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü have seen several urban renewal projects and have a large number of both new and resale luxury residential complexes. They offer a wide selection of resale apartments at reasonable costs that are in good shape and in ideal locations.

Additionally, one of Istanbul's most picturesque and popular tourist destinations is the Üsküdar district, which is on the Asian side and overlooks the Bosphorus Strait. Resale apartments may be purchased for affordable prices in this area.

Installment-based apartments for sale in Istanbul

As tight budgets may prevent many new investors from purchasing apartments in Istanbul, the Turkish government and several real estate companies have worked to make this easy and uncomplicated by selling apartments in installments, which may be done in two ways:

  • Either through a real estate agent, by setting up a formal agreement specifying the number of the installments, the cost of the apartment, the mechanism of the installments, and the number of years of installments.
  • Or through a bank loan that can also be used to pay in installments; in this case, the bank acts as a middleman between the buyer and the real estate company, purchasing the apartment and placing a mortgage on it until the buyer pays off all of the loan's installments.

It is worth noting that the Turkish government is making significant efforts to create apartments suited for all groups and abilities through the projects and initiatives it sponsors, which are guaranteed with monthly payments for up to 10 years.

Resale apartments for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul's real estate market is broad, and there are numerous locations where pre-owned apartments may be purchased for a bargain and a cheap price.

Resale apartments in Istanbul at a very cheap price

If you are looking for an affordable apartment, Istanbul has numerous possibilities, including cheap 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments, which are highly popular with foreigners.

Average prices of cheap apartments in Turkey's area

There are some cities in Turkey where real estate costs are known for being affordable while still being of good quality. Bursa, Trabzon, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Kocaeli, and Izmit are among these cities.

Resale apartments at low prices for sale in Istanbul

Many locations in Istanbul are known for their affordable apartment costs, despite, of course, their high and good specifications.

Average prices of low-priced apartments in some areas of Istanbul

Esenyurt district is renowned for having inexpensive apartments, with an average apartment costing 700,000 Turkish Liras for a 100-square-meter space.

At 31 kilometers from Istanbul's city center, Beylikdüzü offers a wide range of luxurious and affordable housing alternatives, The average cost of an apartment in Beylikdüzü district is 900,000 Turkish Liras for a 100-square-meter space.

Kartal district is located on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, southwest of the famed Kocaeli island, and is one of the most picturesque areas in Istanbul's Asian side. It is prominent due to the real estate development and has a good transit system connecting it to the rest of Istanbul. Kartal also boasts a number of colleges and cultural institutions.

The region draws investors owing to its beautiful view of the Princes' Islands, one of Istanbul's most popular tourist destinations, as well as its affordable real estate costs.

The region of Silivri is the dream of many foreigners who want to experience the ambiance and scenery of Istanbul and take advantage of its affordable real estate offers. It is the most alluring and appealing place for visitors, with wide open spaces, breathtaking vistas, and luxurious residential complexes at reasonable costs.

Small apartments for sale in Turkey at low prices

Every type of real estate is available on the Turkish real estate market, and you may locate small apartments at low prices in every city. Small, affordable apartments like the 1 + 1 and 2 + 1, or what is known as a studio, will be a fantastic alternative if you wish to live alone or with one person.

Despites their small areas, these properties are meant to appear as huge spaces, with the kitchen open to the bedroom and the living area; a corner for the bed and sitting room; and an independent bathroom.

In Turkey, a studio apartment is particularly well-liked and appropriate for travelers, small families, workers, and students.

Tips to consider before purchasing resale apartments in Istanbul

  • Research the market thoroughly, make comparisons, and consider a variety of possibilities.
  • Hire a professional to determine the amount of the apartment's damage and the expense of its repairs.
  • One of the most crucial details that must be researched before purchasing is the legal status of resale flats and their lack of legal issues.
  • You may save a lot of time and work by hiring a real estate agent, who will also provide you with advice that will help you choose wisely and keep you out of the reach of deceit and fraud.


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