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Apartment Prices in Türkiye 2024

15/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 58 Apartment Prices in Türkiye 2024

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  • New year, new prices! Apartment prices in Turkey 2024 are still the subject of questions for real estate analysts and investors in Turkey, which can be troubling for those who do not know well what the Turkish real estate market is, and therefore it is necessary to have an advisor while searching for a property and negotiating the price while knowing its true value. .
  • Your real estate consultant at Damas Turk Real Estate, before taking you on a tour to discover the average prices of apartments in Turkey 2024, wanted to clarify to you some important points through which you can get a superficial knowledge of the current situation of the market with the average prices of apartments in Turkey, and here are the most important main topics that he will talk to you about. About it in the article: 
  • Reasons for the stability of apartment prices in Türkiye at the beginning of 2024
  • The most prominent platforms that help know the prices of apartments in Türkiye 2024
  • Average apartment prices in Türkiye 2024 

Apartment prices in Türkiye 2024

Reasons for the stability of apartment prices in Türkiye at the beginning of 2024

First, the recession witnessed in the previous year, 2023   

  • After the recession in 2023, real estate experts, including our team at Damas Turk Real Estate, expect that the renaissance will be different at the beginning of the coming months of 2024, which will be represented by an expected reduction in interest rates on the one hand, and strengthening incentives again for Turkish citizens in particular and foreigners in general. 
  • This means that apartment prices in Turkey in 2024 will be at a stable point and rise slightly if the analysis is correct, and this effect will appear after Turkey has come a long way in terms of keeping the inflation rate in the single digits on the one hand, and has ended the elections period that affected the real estate and commercial market. Throughout Turkey. 

Secondly, the impact of inflation on the Turkish real estate market 

  • One of the things that most causes the stagnation of goods, products, and real estate is the rise in inflation, which was the reason for the rise in real estate prices since the beginning of the year 2023 and raising them to very high rates, due to the rise in the prices of construction materials to the point that they began to change with every month!
  • With the end of the current year 2023, the positive performance of the Turkish government has clearly emerged. This is done by reducing monthly inflation to single digits after it had been rising to large proportions, and reducing inflation helps in the revival of real estate markets not only in Turkey, but in the whole world. 

The most prominent platforms that help know the prices of apartments in Türkiye 2024

First, the Sahibandan 360 platform   

  • A very long-standing platform in the field of real estate in Turkey, it has launched a special section in order to follow analyzes and numbers related to the value of real estate in Turkey, by providing the details of the property you want to buy and then giving us a look at the average prices in Turkish lira and dollars, and here is the link to the platform from here. 

Secondly, the famous Zingat platform   

  • It is also a famous platform through which the average prices of apartments in Turkey 2024 can be known. It is similar to the previous platform in terms of the system and mechanism in which it operates. It also allows knowledge of the demographics of the areas surrounding the properties, and helps in building a future vision for the area in which you want to buy the property, and a link The platform is here

Average apartment prices in Türkiye 2024 

  • There is no doubt that to know the expectations for house prices in Turkey in 2024, we must first look at the current market trends through the factors that we talked about previously, with the average prices prevailing in recent months and years. The continuous increase in demand for houses, especially from foreigners and investors, could lead to... To stabilize prices or even increase them, and here is the average of these prices based on the view of the Damas Turk Real Estate team. 

Apartment style 

Average size 

Price in Turkish Lira 

Price in dollars 


65 square meters 

2,881,816 Turkish Liras 

99,372 US dollars


115 square meters 

5,996,875 Turkish Liras 

206,788 US dollars


155 square meters 

9,285,718 Turkish Liras 

320,197 US dollars


210 square meters 

15,933,478 Turkish Liras 

549,930 USD


  • These numbers are based on the exchange rate of the dollar during the period in which the article was published, which is represented in each dollar being equal to 30 Turkish lira. The exchange rates of the dollar may change later against the Turkish lira, so you must be alerted and on this basis these numbers can be adopted as your reference. 
  • Our article today summarized the most important points that can be built upon to determine the average prices of apartments in Turkey 2024. Important information that you should know before you go to Turkey and buy real estate there, invest, or even obtain Turkish citizenship. Our team’s mission is to help you in Turkey so that your investment is safe and your property is ideal. 
  • What distinguishes us at Damas Turk Real Estate is our rich experience that extends for more than ten years in the Turkish real estate market, in addition to our distinguished team and our wide network that extends from Istanbul to Antalya, Bursa and Kocaeli. We are proud of our well-established customer base and our commitment to providing high-quality services.


  • What are the factors that led to the stability of apartment prices in Turkey at the beginning of 2024?
  • The article points out that the recession witnessed in 2023 and the economic measures taken by the Turkish government, such as reducing inflation rates and investment incentives, were the main reasons behind the stability of apartment prices in Turkey at the beginning of 2024.
  • How can we get accurate information about apartment prices in Türkiye for the year 2024?
  • The article recommends using reliable platforms like Sahibandan 360 and Zingat to get updated and accurate information about apartment prices. These platforms provide detailed analyzes and information about local demographics, which is useful for buyers and investors

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