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Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 01
Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 02
Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 03
Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 04
Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 05
Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 06
Luxury apartments for sale in Kücükçekmece - Istanbul DS691 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 07

apartment For sale in Istanbul Küçükçekmece sea view DS691

  • Istanbul

  • 6 Block

    474 Flat
  • City Center

    17 km
  • Under-Cons

  • 50%


    12 Months

Prices Start From

Rooms Area (m2) Observations
1+1 64 180.000 -
2+1 85 300.000 -
3+1 174 490.000 -

Overview ... Facilities and Services

    The project is located in the Küçükçekmece region on the European side of Istanbul, near Küçükçekmece Lake, which is expected to become an entrance to the new Istanbul Water Canal. The project stands out for its views of the Basin Express area and of Küçükçekmece Lake.
  • The project is close to the most important means of transportation that facilitate access to all parts of Istanbul, the most important of which are the Metrobus line, the Marmaray metro line, and the important road E5.
  • The project is surrounded by schools and educational centers. It is also close to many universities, the most important of which is Istanbul Aydin University.
  • It is also close to markets and shopping centers, the most important of which are 212 Mall and Arena Park Mall.
  • The project is also surrounded by many hospitals and health centers, such as Küçükçekmece Hospital, Dogan Hospital, and others.
  • The project, which covers an area of 8000 square meters, provides luxury apartments in the contemporary architectural types of 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 home office systems with multiple options for areas in addition to commercial units.
  • The project includes a range of service and recreational facilities that are suitable for all family members. The project is suitable for the conditions of real estate ownership, leading to obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • The project is:
  • - Centered in a location between the most important roads in Istanbul (E80 and E5 highways)
  • - 35 minutes from Istanbul Airport
  • - 17 minutes from the Mall of Istanbul
  • - 11 minutes from Star City Outlet
  • - 7 minutes from ArmoniPark Outlet Center
  • - 1 minute from the metro station
  • - 10 minutes from Arena Park
  • - 14 minutes from Altınbaş University
  • - 2 minutes from Halkalı City Hospital
  • - 5 minutes from the public park
  • Internal Gardens
  • Sauna Rooms
  • Fitness Facility
  • Reception Hall
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Indoor car Park
  • Indoor Swimming Pools

Service institutions

  • The project is in a vital area due to its proximity to many private and public universities such as Istanbul Arel University and İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, in addition to health institutions such as government hospitals as Bahçelievler Hospital and Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Eğitim and other health centers.
  • The project is characterized by its proximity to the metro bus line. This means that the project is located near many shopping centers located on the same line.
  • There is a huge park near the project where the visitor can enjoy jogging or hiking with the family.


  • The project is located in the municipality of kuçukçekmece, where the region is one of the beautiful municipalities, which enjoys a wonderful view of the kuçukçekmece branching from the Sea of Marmara.
  • The kuçukçekmece area is located between the E5 and E80 lines, where it can be reached from various roads by metro bus, Marmaray metro or other means of transportation.
  • The kuçukçekmece region is characterized by its quietness and abundant gardens, the area is far from crowding and the residents enjoy it quiet and enjoy the view of the lake.
  • The project is located just beside one of the highways in Istanbul, known as Basın Ekspres, and a short distance from the E-5 line, as the metro bus line is the main transportation hub.
  • Ataturk Airport, which exactly closed after the opening of the new airport, will turn into an international exhibition city or park, in addition to its proximity to the current exhibition city located near the airport, as this airport is characterized by its proximity to Basın Ekspres road leading to the third airport directly.


  • A metro station is now being established that connects Yenibosna to Mall of Istanbul which will be ready at the end of 2021.
  • Sefaköy metro station is built near the project, which will reach the Beylikdüzü area.
  • The E80 is one of the main roads in Istanbul, through which you can reach the Asian part or other areas such as Bahçeşehir, ıspartakule, and Esenyurt.
  • The Marmaray metro line, which is one of the longest metro lines in Istanbul, connects the kuçukçekmece region through the most important areas of Istanbul such as Florya, Zeytinburnu, Yenikapı, and Kadıköy until the end of the Asian part.

Future look

  • The municipality of Kuçukçekmece is considered an important area which some Arab investors may be overlooked, but it attracts many Turkish investors to invest or settle in it as the region is located in a strategic location around which important areas such as Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir and Basın Ekspres and Florya that are located between the E5 and E80 lines that are two of the most important lines within Istanbul.
  • The location of the region on the lake kuçukçekmece, which will be one of the new Istanbul Canal.
  • There are two of the largest Turkish universities in the Kuçukçekmece region, namely, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and Istanbul Aydın University.
  • Inside the area is the Marmaray Metro, which is the longest metro line in Istanbul, where a new metro line is being established linking kuçukçekmece and Bahçeşehir to Esenyurt. The region is a valuable place for anyone who wants to invest in it.
  • There is a government plan for this street to be an important commercial center at the city level, because many bank headquarters, car showrooms, and other large companies are located in it.


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