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Universities and schools in Esenyurt district 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 2908 Universities and schools in Esenyurt district 2022

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In addition to residential complexes and premium residential towers, the Esenyurt district is characterized by educational centers and schools that deliver high-quality education services. Not to mention that the area's living quality is appropriate for students and families, since the cost of education, housing, and transportation is inexpensive in contrast to other areas.

Istanbul Esenyurt University:

İstanbul-Esenyurt-Üniversitesi | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate

Esenyurt University is among Istanbul's top private institutions and one of the most affordable in terms of fees. More than 25 nations are represented at this university, with the majority of students being Arab. The university also has four faculties and two graduate schools, as well as a health-care vocational school, three institutes, and two research centers. For several specializations, Istanbul University in the Esenyurt area uses English as the major language of instruction in addition to Turkish.


The following are the facilities available at Esenyurt University:

Esenyurt University offers various instructional facilities and leisure spaces, and it adheres to Turkish university education quality requirements.

University housing:

Esenyurt University features well-equipped student accommodation close to campus that meets all of the students' needs.

Sports centers:

Esenyurt University offers a number of amenities that cover a wide range of social activities, including football and basketball, as well as dance halls and theater.

Many laboratories are also outfitted with current technology to fulfill the demands of students and assist them in their studies, such as: Computer laboratories, first-aid labs, anatomy labs, microbiology labs, and blood labs, which are just a few examples of the types of labs available. 

Schools in Esenyurt:

The region has a great number of public and private schools and educational institutes, totaling 148 educational institutions. Foreigners can attend Turkish government schools for free. The Turkish language is the language of instruction, and at the intermediate and secondary levels, other languages such as English, Arabic, and French are taught. The following are some of the most significant schools in Esenyurt:

Emine Konukoğlu Anatolian High School (imams and preachers) in Esenyurt:

One of Turkey's imam and preacher high schools, where students learn hadith and the Qur'an in addition to the Anatolian General Curriculum. After graduating from this school, students are eligible to enroll at any university.

The conservative nature of such schools is a distinguishing feature. These schools are attended by families that want their children to learn in a more conservative setting, with males and females separated.  Teachers are known for their conservative attitudes.

Esenyurt Martyrs Intermediate and Secondary School in Esenyurt (Esenyurt Şehitler İlkokulu ve Ortaokulu):

It is regarded as one of the region's most significant primary and intermediate public schools, with a strong emphasis on language instruction.

Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Vocational High School in Esenyurt:

It is one of the Anatolian Technical and Vocational High Schools.

Yunus Emre Primary School in Esenyurt:

One of Esenyurt's primary schools that is around 500 meters from the district's center, and is easily accessible by municipal buses and minibuses.

The most well-known and top Arabic schools in Esenyurt:

A variety of Arab and international schools are located in the region, including:

Al Aqsa International Schools in Esenyurt:

It was one of the first schools in 2017 to teach the Yemeni Arab curriculum, which is focused on the Holy Qur'an. The Al-Aqsa School in Beylikdüzü branch's American curriculum, which was created in 2021 and uses the Macrohill curriculum, has advanced certification. It is one of the most reasonably priced institutions, and its professors are carefully selected.

Al Ihsan International Schools in Esenyurt:

This school began two years ago (2019-2020), and it was able to demonstrate its merits throughout this period. It follows the American curriculum and has received worldwide certification from the Advanced Foundation, with textbooks from Macrohill Corporation.

Exceptional Students School in Esenyurt (Mimar Sinan AİHL GEM):

It was founded in July 2014 as one of the most significant Arabic schools in the Esenyurt area.

There are several Arab and foreign schools that provide excellent educational opportunities, the most well-known of which are:

Sudanese Al Bawasil School.

Iraqi Wisdom School.

Lebanese Al Mawakeb School in Esenyurt with the British curriculum.

Rumeli International School in Esenyurt with the American curriculum.


Residents of the neighborhood can also enroll in one of Esenyurt's private Turkish schools. The Esenyurt area is rich with Islamic-themed private Turkish schools that accept Arab students with open arms, including:

Şener School in Esenyurt:

This school offers three levels of schooling (primary, intermediate, and secondary). The curriculum of this school includes activities such as (football, music, robotics...). The primary language of education is Turkish, with eight English sessions each week taught by an English-speaking instructor. It has two branches: one in Başakşehir and the other in Bağcılar.


The most important real estate projects in Esenyurt:


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Editing: damasturk


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