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Smart homes in Istanbul: Characteristics, Specifications and Features

20/10/2023 Investment in Turkey 481 Smart homes in Istanbul: Characteristics, Specifications and Features

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Istanbul today boasts a sizable portion of high-end residential complexes in all of its neighborhoods thanks to the substantial inflow of foreigners, which has allowed it to compete with other international cities like Dubai and several European cities. For the sake of argument, assume that there is competition and that Istanbul must prevail. Projects in Istanbul must keep up with modern developments and provide the best services to those looking to purchase smart apartments for sale in Istanbul and live in them.

The concept of "smart houses" or "smart systems in homes" is one of the most innovative in the field of real estate projects. Although it goes by various names, the services are the same, but the level of service provided varies. Have you ever visited, lived in, or seen a smart home?

We have prepared this article to be useful to you regardless of whether you have previously seen or lived in a smart house or not. We have included numerous angles in our article to offer you sufficient and appropriate information about the smart home system in Istanbul. We will first provide you with a brief overview of this system before going through its features, benefits, and specs. However, let us begin by describing this smart home system for you.

What exactly do we mean by "SMART HOME"?

The concept of the "SMART HOME" has gained popularity around the world in the fields of real estate and modern architecture. The history of this system, which has been used in the Turkish real estate market for at least ten years, can be dated to 1991, when the first smart system was developed, particularly in Germany.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul with smart control technologies are smart residences that rely on technology for all of their amenities, allowing the various appliances and equipment in the apartments to be handled remotely via specialized applications on mobile phones, touch screens at the apartments' doors, and smart devices such as the iPad and others.

The smart control system comes in a variety of forms and settings, some of which are entirely driven by security considerations, others are completely intelligent controls, and yet others are semi-intelligent controls. Nothing is more reasonable now than automating every aspect of the apartment so that it can be managed from afar, and this system has been designed to take into account the preferences stated by the project or the property owner. We all agree on that, don't we?

As a consequence, a smart home in Istanbul may be characterized as a home that is administered via applications and remote controls through the Internet, as it comprises multiple multifunctional systems, monitoring devices, and sensors. This is one of the greatest things one can have today because it gives the owner convenience and protection, as well as reducing energy use and making life easier.

The characteristics of smart homes in Istanbul

  • Internal audio system application

Smart homes in Istanbul allow you to operate your home with voice commands! Um yeah. This system can respond to you and react to your queries about the property as well as other topics! For instance, dressing appropriately for the weather, figuring out the shortest route from home to work depending on traffic, or even having a conversation with this system as though it were a real person.

  • Smart lock service

When you are not home, you may open and close the door using the smart lock service in Istanbul smart houses! And you can do it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your phone or iPad, as well as the voice commands we discussed above or the fingerprint, which is now a common feature. You may also use locks with specified patterns to let visitors or family members inside.

  • Home lighting control service

The majority of smart homes in Istanbul include lighting units that operate through the phone or applause, for example, as it is known that most foreign buyers of smart homes in Istanbul visit them during specific times of the year. As a result, the owners constantly need to monitor and occasionally turn on and off the home lighting. In addition to systems that automatically switch on and off the lights when you enter or leave a room, which is a terrific feature for indicating the presence of someone in the house.

  • Home surveillance service

Remote home monitoring, which is connected to cameras placed within the home and directly connected to the smart system in it, is one of the most significant characteristics of smart houses for sale in Istanbul. By having this system, you can guarantee that your home is always secure.

The features of smart homes in Istanbul

We want to start by stating that technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives. We use it constantly, whether it be through smartphones and applications or smart systems for our houses and other objects. Who would have imagined that the phone might regulate the home's temperature, draw the curtains, or switch off the TV? Or that you may use voice commands to alter the water's temperature while taking a shower? However, let us explore the key characteristics of smart houses.

  • Constant supervision and security

Constant screening and security are the first major benefits of using a smart control system. This is made possible by the presence of security cameras in and around the apartment complexes. This enables the owner to continuously check the apartments, for instance, to determine whether a child is present or if a guest shows up, or in emergency situations, such as when an accident, fire, or other disaster occurs.

And currently in Turkey, where more and more people have purchased real estate properties and only travel there during the summer to unwind and have fun, this trait is without a doubt the most significant. Even though these apartments are frequently empty and have no visitors for weeks at a time, routine inspections are nevertheless necessary. This approach ended up being the best choice for the majority of Turkish apartment owners.

  • Controling the interior functions of the apartment from afar

A very important characteristic of the smart control system that enables remote adjustment of the interior features of the real estate is the integration of all the electronics, curtains, and the primary electrical system of the residences. This makes it possible to administer and continuously monitor the home from a distance. One day, for instance, the windows were left open, the shower was left running, and you forgot to switch off the lights in the apartment. Nothing is easier than handling this circumstance thanks to the smart home system.

After connecting to all of the aforementioned systems, we can easily and effectively interfere right away using smart devices. The fact that we may utilize this feature in any circumstance and at any moment makes it essential for those who visit Turkey for a predetermined amount of time before leaving for additional weeks or months.

  • Sending alerts and warnings in the event of an emergency

Since notifications are delivered to the owner through this home technology when something goes wrong in the property so that he can call the relevant authorities, sending alerts and warnings in the event of an emergency while the owner is outside Turkey or outside the apartment is also essential.
For instance, a minor gas leak within the flat might cause a fire because of the buildup of the gas. Here, the smart control system's comprehensive capabilities can monitor these toxins and provide you with messages and warnings via the built-in apps. The complex management or the appropriate authorities are also informed to take action based on the findings of these notifications.

  • The ability to handle some critical tasks and aspects remotely

Because it has been pre-programmed for easy management, the smart control system can control almost everything that comes to the mind of the owner while at a distance. One day, a guest or a relative could come by and want to stay in your flat for a few days. Using the smart control system, you may open the door for him even if you are on another continent! Or perhaps you want to use a smart control system to open the windows and turn on the ventilation system once a day at a specific time to refresh the house. The global spread of this smart control system has made life a lot simpler than it formerly was.

The most important specifications of smart homes in Istanbul

If you are interested in purchasing a smart apartment for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, and want to know what features are included in smart houses, allow us to list the top specifications that smart homes in Istanbul generally feature in projects with a smart system and remote control, which are as follows:

  • Giving remote commands to fully automate the doors' opening and closing;
  • Opening and closing windows using remote controls is entirely automated;
  • Start and stop all equipment, including air conditioners and electronics, just in case you forget one day while you are out;
  • In the case of an emergency, the system calls the competent authorities in the complex or the city so that the specialists may be notified;
  • When you are away from home for an extended period of time, energy-saving systems keep an eye on everything within your apartment;
  • Supplying you with clever cleaning tools so you may do cleaning tasks repeatedly as desired;
  • Sending notifications when food in the refrigerator begins to deteriorate in order to protect the home from unpleasant scents and other issues that could result in health problems.

There are a number of other characteristics that describe smart homes in Istanbul, but the ones we listed above stand out as the most important, crucial, and prevalent. Modern technologies are constantly improving these systems, even inside complexes and projects, in order to increase the security and convenience of smart home owners in Turkey.

Home technology in Istanbul: smart homes vs. traditional homes

Some people may believe that since we discussed smart houses in Istanbul, other typical homes are not as sophisticated, are too old, or cannot be compared to smart homes. A smart system is unquestionably an added value for smart houses, but this does not imply that regular homes without one are undesirable homes.

To put it simply, smart houses in Istanbul are regular homes that have had a smart system added to them. However, smart homes in projects are developed directly by construction firms, and specialist companies are brought in to offer this service for projects that link every component of the home to the smart system.

Since each system requires a list of items that you want to connect to your home control, the developer companies design the systems depending on the requirements of the building companies. Alternatively, they may provide you with a pre-made form with a standard range of options that can be increased or altered as the construction companies see fit.

Is it possible to transform regular homes in Istanbul into smart homes?

Without a doubt, you can now turn your present house into a smart home if it does not already have this technology in place. Some people set up these systems by themselves, while others communicate with specialist businesses to do so. And the best part about this is that some technological businesses have integrated fully replicating equipment for the smart system.

This is often done by using voice commands, which enable you to attach all of the devices that accept voice commands, such as the TV screen or the lighting that has a Wi-Fi option, by linking them with defined control commands, such as turning off the lights or turning on the TV screen, etc.

Do the costs of smart homes and non-smart homes differ significantly in Istanbul?

In reality, costs in Istanbul are not all that different, as prices in the city have generally increased since the globe was hit by a number of crises, including the coronavirus, global inflation, and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. By this, we mean that prices have increased for both smart and non-smart houses.

A smart system is often neither a superfluous luxury nor one that comes at such a high price. Yet, it is definitely a crucial requirement today because some house owners frequently vacation abroad. There is nothing better than having everything entirely under your control if you need to operate your apartment remotely to monitor it and keep up with it.

Furthermore, Istanbul currently incorporates this technology in all of its real estate projects; it is restricted but helpful, and it may be expanded if desired. Therefore, the overall cost is reasonable when you consider the value that these smart systems offer to those who wish to own this technology, which has a high value and an upscale touch in the smart homes in Istanbul.

Does the smart home system in Istanbul have any drawbacks?

Despite the fact that there are no direct disadvantages reported, the property owners might experience some issues. How is that possible? This system allows you to operate everything remotely, which implies that you be entirely seated in your apartment and never move to carry out these tasks. This may have a detrimental effect on the person by generating tiredness and other problems.

This technology, however, was designed for total remote control from outside, which has become necessary owing to travel and other circumstances, as we previously described. Regarding internal usage, relying only on a new technology within the house might be highly harmful. However, because every new technology has both positive and negative aspects, it is up to the user to appropriately manage this double-edged feature in order to prevent the negative impacts.

To sum up, it is fair to state that in our article today, we were able to delve into great details and present valuable and important information regarding this technology. We discussed the phrase "smart houses" in Istanbul, then discussed the features, specifications, and characteristics, and lastly, we reviewed the distinction between these smart homes and the regular ones in Istanbul.

If you require any further information about this smart system, please contact us using the contact information provided on our website.

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