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Investment Incentives and Facilities in Türkiye 2024

15/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 144 Investment Incentives and Facilities in Türkiye 2024

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  • Turkey is considered one of the prominent investment destinations that attract investors from all over the world, thanks to the incentives and facilities provided by the Turkish government, and with the year 2024... Turkey has witnessed remarkable developments in its investment environment, which has contributed to enhancing its attractiveness for foreign and local investments alike. How No, it attracted a cash reserve for the Central Bank that reached $145 billion in the recent period! 
  • Among the factors that make investing in Turkey a preferred option are the availability of advanced infrastructure, the tax system for foreigners and exemptions, along with the strategic geographic location that links Europe and Asia. In addition, the Turkish government offers many incentive programs such as obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residency. . 
  • The Damas Turk Real Estate team, with its extensive experience and deep understanding of investing in Turkey and new updates, stands side by side with you and your dear clients, guiding them through the entire investment process to ensure achieving the best results and profitable investment returns. Here is now what we will discuss in this article of important information and news based on it. To official sources, which are the following: 
  • The most important reasons to invest in Türkiye 2024
  • Forms and sectors of investment in Türkiye 
  • Investment incentives and facilities in Türkiye 
  • Investing in Türkiye 2024 with Damas Turk Real Estate 

The most important reasons to invest in Türkiye 2024

  • One of the fastest growing economic systems in the world, achieving an annual average of 5.4% GDP growth rate during the period between 2003 - 2022 .
  • Large local and regional markets, in addition to regional markets committed to free trade agreements, facilitating access to 1 billion consumers.
  • Turkey's strategic location as a regional headquarters for multinational companies with seamless global connectivity.
  • Appropriate demographic characteristics characterized by youth and vitality, with half the population under the age of 33 . 5 years.
  • The skilled workforce at competitive levels is highly educated, competitive and characterized by a high degree of productivity.
  • The process of continuous reform through a new generation of reforms resulting from open discussion at the public and private levels.
  • A free investment climate where there are no restrictions imposed on foreign direct investment, providing strong protection for investors.
  • Profitable incentives Comprehensive incentive plans specially prepared for investors, such as obtaining Turkish citizenship. 
  • A diversified economy characterized by lucrative opportunities in many sectors.

Forms and sectors of investment in Türkiye  

  • Turkey is distinguished by being one of the most prominent investment destinations in the world, thanks to the variety of investment forms and sectors that it offers. Here are three of the most prominent forms of investment in Turkey with Damas Turk Real Estate.

Establishing companies and factories in Türkiye 

  • Of course, if the procedures are not complicated and everything the investor seeks is present and available, he will choose to invest in any country, and this is what Turkey achieves by providing a market that is suitable for all types of investments, and establishing commercial activities that generate profits in relation to the factors that we mentioned in our previous paragraph. .  
  • The forms of companies in Turkey vary to include joint-stock and limited liability companies, as well as all types of companies, with a clear preference for joint-stock and limited liability companies due to their many advantages. Establishing a company requires specific and simple procedures through a passport only! It has many advantages on the personal or work levels, in line with global international standards.  

Buying real estate and obtaining Turkish citizenship 

  • Buying real estate in Turkey is one of the effective ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, especially for foreign investors who are looking for profitable investment opportunities and at the same time want to expand their personal and professional horizons. Turkish law allows foreigners to buy villas and apartments in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, based on the value of the investment. The real estate must be worth at least 400,000 US dollars, and he must obtain Turkish citizenship for himself and his family, with the exception of children over the age of eighteen. 
  • This opportunity is considered a door to enter a new world of opportunities and possibilities, as Turkey offers investors and their families many benefits such as the right to live, work, and enjoy health and educational services in the country. In addition, Turkish citizenship is a gateway to facilitate travel to many countries due to diplomatic relations. The vastness that Turkey enjoys.

Obtaining real estate or other residency through investment  

  • Obtaining real estate residency in Turkey is one of the most prominent ways that attract investors and those wishing to settle in Turkey. By purchasing a property in this beautiful country, investors can obtain a residency that gives them many advantages. This approach not only makes it easier for investors and new residents to integrate into Turkish society. It also paves the way for more investment and business opportunities in Turkey's thriving economic environment. 
  • Of course, real estate residency is granted in exchange for obtaining a property worth at least $200,000, permanently as long as the property is in the name of the person obtaining it. Turkey also provides multiple options for residency through investment, such as work residency, investment residency, and commercial residency as well. These programs do not encourage It not only pumps investments into the Turkish economy, but also enhances the diversity of cultures and experiences in the country.

Investment incentives and facilities in Türkiye  

  • The facilities are many, but there are always the most important and most prominent, and we will list them for you in the form of quick ideas that help clarify the idea of ​​investing in Turkey, which are the following: 
  • Various tax exemptions "zero added value" 
  • Supporting fixed investment costs “fixed capital”
  • Cash support for the preparation period
  • Reductions in customs taxes “especially export”
  • Reductions in Social Security premiums and sometimes refunds
  • Allocating land for agricultural investments
  • Supporting interest rates for investment loans
  • State guarantees for loans
  • Supporting investments made for research and development

Investing in Türkiye 2024 with Damas Turk Real Estate 

  • In 2024, Turkey remains a fertile environment for various forms of investment thanks to its economic diversification and incentive policies. Damas Turk Real Estate, as a leading company in the field of real estate investment, offers you and investors the opportunity to dive into the vibrant Turkish real estate market. Buying real estate and investing in it not only opens doors to financial opportunities. Profitable, it is a door to obtaining Turkish citizenship. 
  • Real estate residency is also considered a first step towards establishing a presence in Turkey, as it provides investors and their families with stability and security in a country characterized by its strategic geographical location and rich culture. Investing with Damas Turk Real Estate means relying on extensive experience and a deep understanding of the Turkish real estate market, which guarantees the best results both in investment. financial or in obtaining residency and citizenship. 
  • Our experienced team offers you a summary of its experience in the Turkish real estate market for more than ten years. We have successful plans for investment in Turkey, and we also provide you with the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate, through Turkish consultants and lawyers who are well-versed and knowledgeable about the legal affairs in Turkey extensively. .

Source: Presidential Investment Office 


  • What are the most prominent incentives and investment facilities in Türkiye 2024?
  • The most prominent incentives and facilities provided by Turkey to investors in 2024 include various tax exemptions, support for fixed investment costs, cash support for the preparation period, reductions in customs taxes, reductions in social insurance premiums, allocating land for agricultural investments, supporting interest rates for investment loans, and state guarantees for loans. Supporting investments made for research and development. 
  • What are the forms and sectors of investment in Türkiye?
  • Forms of investment in Turkey are diverse and include establishing companies and factories, investing in real estate with the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship, and obtaining real estate or other residency through investment. Investment sectors are diverse and include real estate, agriculture, trade, and industry. Turkey is considered an ideal place for investment thanks to its encouraging economic environment. And the strategic geographical location

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