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Comprehensive Guide to Apartments for Sale in Istanbul from A to Z

15/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 91 Comprehensive Guide to Apartments for Sale in Istanbul from A to Z

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  • The real estate market in Istanbul is considered one of the most attractive markets for investors and those wishing to settle alike, for many reasons related to its strategic location and the real estate diversity it offers. Istanbul, the city that connects the continents of Asia and Europe, is considered Turkey’s economic, cultural and investment gateway as well! 
  • The urban expansion and huge investments taking place in the Istanbul regions are pushing for more distinctive opportunities while searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul. We will not dwell too long in talking about Istanbul because it requires many words and articles to describe it and determine its importance. Let us get to know the most important main ideas of our article today: 
  • The importance of the geographical location of Istanbul
  • Criteria for choosing the appropriate apartment in Istanbul 
  • Benefits of real estate investment in Istanbul
  • The most prominent areas to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul
  • Tips before buying an apartment in Istanbul
  • Steps to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul

The importance of the geographical location of Istanbul

  • The geographical location of Istanbul plays a vital role in making it a prominent investment and residential attraction on the global stage! Yes, as it is located at the crossroads between the continents of Asia and Europe, Istanbul therefore has strategic and commercial importance unparalleled in cities in the world. This distinguished location makes the city a center for investment, trade, culture and tourism as well. 
  • Istanbul has been described as the capital of the world according to one of the novels attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. This description reflects the great global and historical value that the city holds. Because Istanbul is not just a geographical meeting point between two continents, but rather a historical and cultural link that combines incomparable diversity and richness, which makes it an ideal place for investment and residence together. 

Criteria for choosing the appropriate apartment in Istanbul 

  • When searching for a suitable apartment in Istanbul, there are basic criteria that must be taken into consideration to ensure a thoughtful purchase decision that suits your needs and investment goals, and here are the most important of them. 
  • Firstly , the location is at the forefront of these criteria, and Istanbul is considered the best-located city in the world.
  • Secondly, prices tend to rise in Istanbul thanks to the tourist attractions and the great demand for apartments.
  • Thirdly, the view and the high-end residential complexes are attractive factors for investors and residents alike.
  • Fourth, Istanbul's advanced infrastructure and its combination of Western development and Eastern nobility.
  • Fifthly , owning an apartment in Istanbul is in name only! It means a lot in terms of value and profits in the long run.

Benefits of real estate investment in Istanbul

  • The benefits of real estate investment in Istanbul are represented by a set of unique and attractive advantages for you and investors from all over the world, and the most prominent of them currently are as follows:
  • The unique strategic location linking Asia and Europe via the Bosphorus Strait.
  • The prominent economic position of Istanbul as the economic capital of Turkey gives it a high investment value.
  • The unique and upscale environment that characterizes the city, which provides a valuable quality of family life for those who live there.
  • The picturesque nature and green spaces surrounding the city, in addition to the pleasant climate in summer and winter.
  • Turkish laws that motivate investors, such as obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment.
  • Unique investment incentives offered by the Turkish government, such as tax exemption when purchasing.
  • The real estate value of apartments increases over time, ensuring a high investment return in the long term.

The most prominent areas to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul

  • There are many areas where there are apartments for sale in Istanbul; But there are always areas whose value increases at times or according to certain criteria, and the areas we will mention currently are the most prominent in terms of value and high demand for them, and here are these areas as follows:  

Beylikduzu area  

  • A quiet and upscale area with a highly educated class, known for its residential and family character. Most of the projects there embrace this family content, which attracts foreigners to own property there. Apartments in Beylikduzu are characterized by large spaces and entertainment services that enhance the family atmosphere.

Basaksehir area  

  • It is considered a very upscale area that attracts Arab communities thanks to its advanced infrastructure and beautiful elements for family housing and investment. It also includes new and distinguished projects with extensive services and entertainment facilities. It has many government projects and has a world-famous reputation. 

Kucukcekmece region  

  • industrial and residential area at the same time. It is considered the center of industrial cities in Istanbul. It attracts entrepreneurs and factory founders, with various projects overlooking Kucukcekmece Lake. It is characterized by the recent rise in real estate prices due to the new Istanbul Canal project.

Esenler area  

  • Esenler is a lively central area that is considered a major stop for local buses in Turkey. It is distinguished by being a starting point to most Turkish cities and provinces, with the famous Esenler Square and the Boulevard Street, which is rich in local and international brands. There are projects distributed close to the center of Istanbul. 

Esenyurt area  

  • Esenyurt is a region that has witnessed a major urban renaissance recently and has become one of the distinctive areas for housing and investment at the same time. It enjoys great interest from the municipality to develop it, and this is what made it significantly attract Arab communities for housing or investment. It is also full of major projects and high-rise towers. 

Bakirkoy area 

  • Bakirkoy is known to be an upscale coastal area in Istanbul. It enjoys a high standard of living and contains Ataturk Airport and many luxury hotels. Bakirkoy is also a large investment and residential area, rich in luxury projects overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara. 

Tips before buying an apartment in Istanbul

  • The tips we will mention are quick points that clarify what you should focus on. However, if you want to elaborate and learn more, you should contact the Damas Turk Real Estate legal team, or follow specialized articles in this regard. Here are the most important general tips: 
  • First , choose a seasoned real estate consultant in Turkey to ensure the achievement of investment goals.
  • Secondly, understand the laws and mechanism for transferring ownership of apartments in Turkey, and always be aware of the decisions, updates, and laws.
  • Third , choose the best location and region in Istanbul with the help of a real estate consultant that matches your goal.
  • Fourth, ensure that the goal of purchasing the apartment is compatible with the location and the future of the area to achieve the best possible investment.
  • Fifthly, benefit from Damas Turk Real Estate’s experience, which extends for more than ten years in the Turkish real estate market.
  • Sixth, consider the customer base and comments of the real estate company you have chosen to ensure results. 
  • Seventh , relying on real estate companies characterized by a wide network, such as our company, which extends from Istanbul to Antalya, Bursa and Kocaeli.

Steps to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul 

  • Firstly, setting goals...which are first and foremost! The goal of purchasing the property must be determined, whether its purpose is investment or housing. This goal clearly defines what you need to look for and guides your subsequent decisions. 
  • Secondly, research the property well... by exploring the real estate market in Istanbul. This can be done through real estate tours to discover potential areas and projects that meet your needs and goals. 
  • Third, choose the apartment that suits your goal. Based on personal preferences such as location, space, view, and budget, the apartment that suits you the most is chosen.
  • Fourth, negotiations and obtaining the best price.. After determining the ideal apartment for you, comes the stage of negotiating the price. This step requires some skill from the real estate consultant to get the best possible deal. 
  • Fifth, review the legal documents before completing the purchase. It is necessary to examine all legal documents to ensure their integrity and avoid any future problems, through a Damas Turk Real Estate lawyer.
  • Sixth, completing the purchase and obtaining the title deed. This is the final step, which is completing all legal and financial procedures to officially transfer ownership to you. 
  • At the end of the article, we always remind you that our professional team provides you with a summary of its experience in the Turkish real estate market for more than ten years. We have successful plans for investing in Turkey, and we also offer you the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate, through knowledgeable Turkish consultants and lawyers. Legal affairs in Turkey broadly


  • What are the best areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul?
  • The most prominent areas currently are such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, and Kucukcekmece, which are among the most important areas for real estate investment in Istanbul thanks to their strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and new projects that promise high investment returns. 
  • What are the basic steps to follow when searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul?
  • Determine the goals of purchasing “investment or housing,” research and explore the market, choose the apartment based on specific criteria such as location and budget, negotiate the price, carefully review the legal papers, and finally complete the purchase and register the property in your name
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