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Choosing the Best Apartments in Istanbul

15/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 54 Choosing the Best Apartments in Istanbul

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  • Anything or any product in order to get it in the best condition is to definitely follow certain standards. Apartments in Istanbul are completely different from anything you have bought previously or will buy later, because Istanbul apartments require deep study and precision when choosing, other than that, you You need a reliable real estate expert who will provide you with his best experience in the market to reach the best apartment in Istanbul.
  • Your real estate consultant in Turkey, Damas Turk Real Estate, is the one who is addressing you today in this article, and introducing you to the most important criteria for choosing apartments in Istanbul. If these criteria are compatible, go ahead and buy the apartment. However, if they do not exist, then the results will not be what you expect, apart from the problems. Which you may be surprised by later. Here is an explanation of what we say in our article through the following ideas:
  • Firstly , the location and its compatibility with the goal of buying apartments in Istanbul
  • Secondly, the reputation of the project construction company in Istanbul 
  • Third, the project content and services it provides 
  • Fourth, the interior details, such as space, finishes, etc


Criteria for choosing the best apartments in Istanbul

Firstly, the location and its compatibility with the goal of buying apartments in Istanbul

  • If the goal is an investment, make sure that it has a special location in Istanbul, and these locations are known only to those who are an expert in the Turkish real estate market. The apartment may be designated for rent to students, so it must be next to a university, for example, or in a commercial location, as is the case in the World Trade Center in Istanbul, where you will also find the Damas Turk real estate headquarters.
  • However, if the goal is housing and stability, the residential locations in Istanbul must be compatible with living and obtaining tranquility, and this is what you should look for when choosing the best apartments in Istanbul, in addition to these locations being close to rapid transportation that helps in your and your family’s transportation to... Other places and service facilities in the area. 


Secondly, the reputation of the project construction company in Istanbul  

  • The construction company that provides investment or residential content in its projects is preferable for purchasing an apartment in the same style, but as for the one that varies between this and that, it is preferable to stay away from it, apart from the history of the company and what it has provided? And delivery times are set! Look for well-established companies in the field of investment or family content, most of which require professional real estate consultation. 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate has deep experience in the real estate market and knows the situation of current construction companies in Istanbul. Therefore, we always advise that the company has a long and prestigious history in order for the services to be as you desire later when settling or investing. In general, companies with a government guarantee are considered special here. In addition to international companies presenting projects outside Turkey.  

Third, the project content and services it provides  

  • The content of the project is very important when buying apartments in Istanbul, which means what type of services does the project management provide?! Or the services provided by the construction company? This is because the matter is very important and you will feel it after you settle in or invest in one of Istanbul’s projects, especially since there are contracts that are documented in this regard in proportion to the provision of services later. 
  • For example, let us assume that the content of the project is family, so your goal is to live and settle, and here you will choose a construction company known for providing family projects, in addition to the services provided by the project, such as family swimming pools, children’s games, and 24-hour security, and let us not forget the green spaces, places for walking and jogging, and playgrounds. .  

Fourth, the interior details, such as space, finishes, etc 

  • The internal details of apartments in Istanbul are important to read and know all these internal and even external details, related to how the apartment is delivered, the cladding materials in it, and what is delivered with it! In addition to the final finishes that you must know so that you are not surprised later that they are not good, for example! Or not suitable for your personal preferences.  
  • An example of the areas of apartments in family projects, which are always larger than is the case in investment projects. This helps in ensuring that the family is comfortable in the apartment, and that it is spacious enough to accommodate everyone and that you can enjoy with the children. Therefore, be careful about these details because they are the way to get the best Apartments in Istanbul.  
  • In our article today, we talked to you in general about the most important criteria for choosing the best apartments in Istanbul. We started by talking about the location and the importance of its compatibility with the goal, then the reputation of the construction company, then we moved on to talking about the content of the project, and finally we concluded by talking about the interior details of the apartments. This is in brief and if you want more. For details, contact us immediately. 
  • From Istanbul to Kocaeli, Bursa, and ending with Antalya.. In all these countries we have a branch to serve you.. From the moment you make the decision until you receive the key to the property with the Turkish passport, our services do not end and we continue to give to furnish the property for you and manage it as well, while obtaining rewarding investment returns.. Contact Join our team now and earn a free consultation.  


  • What are the most important criteria for choosing the best apartments in Istanbul?
  • The basic criteria include the location and its compatibility with the purpose of purchase (whether for housing or investment), the reputation of the construction company responsible for the project, the content of the project and the services provided, in addition to the internal details of the apartment such as space and finishes.
  • How can Damas Turk Real Estate help me buy an apartment in Türkiye?
  • Damas Turk Real Estate Company provides comprehensive services to investors wishing to purchase real estate in Turkey, including real estate consultations, assistance in the purchase process, and providing advice on the most profitable investments. In addition, the company provides support in obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, accredited We have a team of consultants and lawyers specialized in Turkish law.
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