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How to Buy a Property in Istanbul with Steps and Tips

25/10/2023 Investment in Turkey 247 How to Buy a Property in Istanbul with Steps and Tips

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Benefits of owning a property in Türkiye:

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship .
  • Benefiting from loans provided by banks after granting Turkish citizenship .
  • Benefit from all government support programs for foreigners.
  • Taking advantage of Turkey's distinguished geographical location, it is considered the gateway to Europe from Asia.
  • Ease of implementing economic and commercial investments.

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Reasons to buy a property in Istanbul:

  • Excessive supply and demand leads to rapid buying and selling.
  • The diversity of options and the richness of the real estate sector in Istanbul.
  • The possibility of securing various customer desires.
  • The distinctive economy that Istanbul enjoys.
  • The service sector in Istanbul is rich.
  • The location and strategic importance of the city of Istanbul.

Advantages of buying a property in Istanbul:

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  • The possibility of practicing any industrial or commercial activity in it, as it is the first economy in Turkey.
  • Istanbul is an attractive tourist city.
  • Istanbul is an industrial city, receiving regional and international attention.
  • The presence of many Arab communities there.
  • Buying a property in Istanbul   opens the way for many economic activities.
  • The educational sector is rich, as it includes many schools and universities in the Arabic language, as well as international schools.
  • Istanbul is a commercial city par excellence, it is the financial and business center in Türkiye.

Disadvantages of buying a property in Istanbul:

  • Real estate prices are relatively higher than other Turkish cities.
  • High population density in most vital areas of Istanbul.
  • Traffic congestion is a daily situation on many main roads, and the government always seeks to establish road projects and reduce this phenomenon
  • The vast distances between the regions of Istanbul.
  • The demographic composition is heterogeneous and includes many different ethnicities and nationalities, and thus the culture of society is diverse and different.

The most important and latest real estate projectsBuying a property in Türkiye

What types of properties can I own in Istanbul? 

In general, it is permissible to own all types of real estate for sale in Istanbul .

  • Independent residential properties.
  • Real estate within residential complexes.
  • Villas and summer farms.
  • Commercial offices and stores.
  • Agricultural lands.
  • Lands prepared for reconstruction (Arsa).

The most important and latest real estate projectsApartments for sale in Türkiye

The difference between buying property in Istanbul, Asia and Europe:

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There is no difference from a legal standpoint in buying a property in either European or Asian Istanbul. In practical terms, we find that the purpose of purchasing the property is what determines the priority of choosing the area. There are six elements to consider when buying a property in one end of Istanbul:

1.  Population density: We find that the population density in the European section is very high due to its counterpart in the Asian section, especially the Bakirkoy and Besiktas regions.

2.  Traffic congestion: It is very high in the European section, due to the large number of economic activities there.

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3.  Nature: Asian Istanbul is characterized by its abundance of natural areas and the abundance of green spaces, in addition to its richness in tourism and entertainment activities due to its European counterpart.

4.  Calm and tranquility: This is one of the advantages of living and living in Asian Istanbul, while we find a life full of activity, vitality, and constant movement is the characteristic of European Istanbul.

5.  Nightlife: It is not possible to separate day and night in European Istanbul, as it is always active throughout the day, unlike the Asian section, with the exception of the Kadikoy area, which is characterized by its night activities.

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6.  Historical sites: They are many and rich in the European section, and there are also many important historical sites in Istanbul, Asia. 

The best areas to buy apartments in Istanbul:

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  • Besiktas: It is located on the European side of Istanbul, overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara, and is suitable for families and the workforce, thanks to its active industrial sector.
  • Esenyurt : It is characterized by a rich and diverse infrastructure, parks, entertainment halls, and shopping centers, in addition to its central location in Istanbul.
  • Beylikduzu : It is distinguished by its abundance of green space, its location on the sea, and the large number of summer resorts there.
  • Kucukcekmece: In which the famous Kucukcekmece Lake is located, it is distinguished by its location next to the beginning of the new Istanbul Canal.
  • Sinjaktepe: It is a suitable option for travel lovers, as it is a 20-minute drive to Istanbul Airport, in addition to the many forests and gardens there.
  • Buyukcekmece: It has a coastline on the Sea of ​​Marmara with a distance of 26 km. It is a significant summer vacation area and includes many villas and summer residences.
  • Trabia: It is a luxurious area and includes many foreign embassies.
  • Beyoglu: It is located in the center of Istanbul, and the famous Istiklal Street is located there.
  • Kadikoy: It is an important transportation center for ferry transportation, and is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.
  • Bakirkoy: It is one of the oldest residential areas in Istanbul, suitable for middle-income people, and is famous for its excellent shopping opportunities.
  • Atasehir: It particularly attracts families due to the region’s richness in schools and universities, in addition to its shopping centers and malls.

The best places in Istanbul for families:

There are three points that families who want to buy a property in Istanbul must take into consideration:

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Educational institutions:

The region's richness and diversity of educational institutions is considered a positive point for family housing, as children's education is placed at the top of the family's priorities. We find that the Besiktas and Kadikoy regions are among the richest regions of Istanbul in schools and universities.

Parks and entertainment places:

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Parks and play parks are an essential part of a family's daily life. Children always want to spend a good time in safe places designated for them. Among the areas rich in parks and gardens, we find the areas of Kagithane, Uskudar, Silivri, Atasehir and Benekcekmece.

Green spaces and fresh air:

It is one of the most important requirements for family housing. Living in open spaces and a clean and balanced environment is considered a priority for family living. Among the most important areas that enjoy natural elements are Najd, Bakirkoy, Fatih and Kadirkoy.

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Steps to buy a property in Istanbul:

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  1. Pay the property deposit.
  2. Signing a sales contract as a home buyer.
  3. Obtain a tax number.
  4. Open a convenient bank account if you do not have one.
  5. Obtain the property valuation report.
  6. Obtaining the title deed.

Tips before buying a property in Istanbul:

  • Clearly define the objectives of purchasing the property ( for housing , for investment , for Turkish citizenship ). Defining the goal facilitates choosing the area and transportation.
  • Inspect the building and residence carefully, preferably seeking the help of specialists.
  • Good knowledge of real estate prices and determining the appropriate price, with the help of real estate companies.
  • Read the contract carefully, and clarify all details and conditions before signing the contract.

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