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Advantages of real estate in Turkey

07/02/2024 Daily living in Turkey 808 Advantages of real estate in Turkey

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Turkey recently has become one of the leading countries in the area of investment opportunities. The rise of investment rate in Turkey has resulted basically from the distinguishable merits, namely low taxes and incentive opportunities which consistently attract investors from all over the world.

The increase in residential complexes:

In Turkey, there are always various options concerning the apartments within residential complexes with ideal features such as safety, security, location and high-standard organization by professional administrators. In parallel, when assessing this type of apartments, it is advised to make certain that they are within the wall of the residential complex. For a full life at ease for residents, there are more merits contained such children play-areas, basketball courts and even tennis playgrounds in some luxurious residential complexes. These annexes are purposefully integrated to further make this kind of apartments more appealing for more investments in Turkey. Besides, as the pace and nature of our nowadays life necessitate, there are car parks available for residents to lessen car parking problems. All the buildings also are equipped with elevators for the comfort of movement to and from all apartments inside the building.

Gated apartment Complexes:

The buildings within these complexes as well provide substantial merits making life inside easy and more enjoyable. As a community, all the residents have the right to engage in expressing opinion about all the procedures and actions when there are any updates about the complex or a decision to be made.

The Apartments’ General Features:

As a whole, all of the apartments within a complex look the same. Basically, the apartments within the wall of the complex are built through the same standards, materials and techniques. Most of the apartments have windows and walls developed through insulation systems with the use of first-class materials in flooring. These features are meant to serve the ultimate purpose which is the comfort of residents in comfortable houses.

Purchase-sale simplicity:

Many safety measures are implemented inside the buildings such as smoke and gas detector sensors, internet connection, and satellites. These safety measures along side with the above mentioned comfort and life-at-ease equipments make this type of apartments an easily and swiftly sold real estate. These buildings indeed provide unlimited comfort at all levels. And they are one of the most profitable investment domains in Turkey.

Turkey is the Fifth Country in Real Estate Price Rise in the World

The revealed results of ‘Knight Frank's Global House Price Index’ showed the countries where real estate prices rose more than others as follows:

▪ Iceland (17.8%), Hong Kong (14.4%), New Zealand (13.8%), Canada (13.5%), Turkey (13.3%), Malta (12.6 per cent), the Czech Republic (11.5 %), Estonia (10.7 %) and Hungary (10.5 %).

▪ According to the survey conducted in all over the world, the average annual increase in house prices in this period is recorded at 6.5%.

▪ The 55 country index showed a doubled increase in house prices in 11 countries, while the prices in 48 countries are in the course of rising, and only 7 countries were stated as having decrease in house prices. Knight Frank stated that the cause of this increase is mainly due to the economical growth and that real estate sector constitute a safe resort.

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