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Modern apartments in Istanbul with comfortable view

13/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 203 Modern apartments in Istanbul with comfortable view

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Since the government has financed redevelopment schemes in several districts of Istanbul's historic city, Istanbul has recently become a European hotspot for property investment. As a result, the Turkish real estate market has reached all-time highs.

If you want to buy a modern apartment in Istanbul , you should first consider your budget since certain areas offer premium pricing for modern apartments in Istanbul , particularly in or near the city center. Many property investors look for properties in the city center, but prices can be prohibitively expensive. After all, there are several other more affordable areas that are ideal for investment purposes, such as areas near the airport like Atakent, Bağcılar, and others, and a current hotspot is on the Basin Express Road, which is home to Istanbul's new business center.

Contact damasturk when seeking to invest in Turkey and purchase a modern apartment in Istanbul to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment , you will discover that we provide a diverse collection of modern apartments in Istanbul for sale in a variety of locations. Furthermore, our professional Istanbul consultants can provide you with expertise on various areas of the city as well as price guides.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul

Because Istanbul is one of the most prominent cities in the world and a popular destination for luxury goods, searching for luxury flats for sale in Istanbul will be a popular choice among the upper class.

Modern Istanbul's districts have developed into competitive cities in Europe, where searchers may discover elegance and sophistication inside Istanbul's top real estate sectors, despite the city's remarkable urban renaissance.

Smart homes in Istanbul

Nowadays, technology has spread all over our lives, making it easy and comfortable, so we see smart home systems that let you control your home from your smartphone wherever you are. For example, you may connect the system to the alarm, or to your blinds or curtains and open or shut them at any time of day, or even program the heating to turn on as you walk home.

Of course, Istanbul is one of the most remarkable cities that has seen a lot of development, so a lot of smart home apartments are available now in the city in many new modern complexes that are springing up all over the map at a wide range of prices according to the location.

Smart houses in Istanbul have come ahead of their time, demonstrating the possibilities of sophisticated technology and luxury; they save time and carry out critical duties for their owners using the most powerful artificial intelligence systems.

So, if you want to buy a property in Istanbul , you have a broad choice of possibilities in the city's most affluent districts.

The best spot to buy an apartment in Istanbul

The real estate sector in Istanbul is extremely plentiful due to its distinctive location. Istanbul plays an important role in the selling of Turkish real estate to international buyers, where the city's real estate market illustrates its combination of old and contemporary, distinct cultures and faiths, magnificence and economics. You may select between bustling metropolitan neighborhoods with many amenities and quiet outskirts, and you can discover luxury homes in various regions with breathtaking sea views, as well as inexpensive flats in Istanbul.

On the European side of Istanbul, some of the selected areas include

  • Başakşehir District

Başakşehir is a favorite location for property searchers on Istanbul's European side due to its new housing compound projects. Furthermore, its accessibility to several corporate locations makes it more appealing to the middleclass. Başakşehir is an excellent location for purchasing apartments for investment purposes.

  • Beylikdüzü District

Situated between Büyükçekmece and Avcılar, Beylikdüzü is a seaside district in Istanbul. Beylikdüzü, which became famous as a residential district after the 2000s, provides sea view apartments in elegant housing developments.

  • Büyükçekmece District

It is a big industrial zone in Istanbul's environs, located on the Marmara shore on the city's European side. Büyükçekmece is considered an excellent location for investing in seaside apartments and luxury villas in Istanbul.

  • Küçükçekmece District

On the European side of Istanbul, on the Marmara seashore, 23 kilometers west of the city center, Küçükçekmece is located on a lagoon known as Küçükçekmece Lake. Due to the redeployment of schools, supermarkets, retail complexes, and other institutions in the region, Küçükçekmece has become an important investment area.

  • Esenyurt District

 With the recent development boom of apartment complexes, Esenyurt has become a famous residential region. Because of its brand-new homes at inexpensive costs, Esenyurt is one of the greatest sites on the European side to hunt for cheap apartments in Istanbul for investment.

  • Kağıthane District

Kağıthane, once a working-class neighborhood, has become one of Istanbul's most active real estate development districts. Kağıthane is a good spot to invest in apartments in residential complexes thanks to its key position and convenient access to public transportation.

  • Şişli District

The retail and commerce heart of Istanbul is Şişli, a major neighborhood with rich public transit and many other facilities. Because of the great demand, the real estate market in Şişli moves quickly. This area is perfect for luxury houses, as well as investment and resale.

  • Zeytinburnu District

 Zeytinburnu is a seaside neighborhood immediately beyond the city walls, beyond the Yedikule castle. Proximity to the ancient city, excellent transit, shopping complexes, commerce, and stunning views make Zeytinburnu appealing to real estate buyers.

  • Bahçelievler District

Bahçelievler is an outlying district with a substantial middle-class population. It may be reached by bus routes, which connect the area snugly to Istanbul's airport and the city's Asian side. 

On the Asian side of Istanbul, some of the selected areas include

  • Üsküdar District

Overlooking the Bosphorus to the west, Üsküdar's exclusive apartments have breathtaking views of the Bosphorus, Istanbul's ancient city, and Maiden's Tower (Kızkulesi) in the sea.

  • Kadıköy District

It is a multicultural area on the Marmara Sea coast with a significant population. It is not just a residential and commercial sector, but also the cultural heart of the Anatolian side, with its various clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, and book shops. Due to the fast-paced real estate market, Kadıköy is a great place to live and has a lot of financial possibilities. Kadıköy has apartments with sea views, which are fantastic investment choices.

  • Ümraniye District

It is a highland town near Üsküdar. Ümraniye is a growing region, so an increasing number of people are attracted to the region because of its natural environment and urban architecture. Luxury apartments in Ümraniye in residential complexes are superb investment opportunities in this developing neighborhood.

  • Beykoz District

It is one of the most lovely and calm areas in Istanbul at the northern end of the Bosphorus, where exquisite apartments with stunning sea views can be found in its vast green suburbs.


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