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Luxury villas for sale in Büyükçekmece - Istanbul DS688 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 01
Luxury villas for sale in Büyükçekmece - Istanbul DS688 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 02
Luxury villas for sale in Büyükçekmece - Istanbul DS688 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 03
Luxury villas for sale in Büyükçekmece - Istanbul DS688 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 04
Luxury villas for sale in Büyükçekmece - Istanbul DS688 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 05

villa For sale in Istanbul Büyükçekmece sea view DS688

  • Istanbul

  • 18 Block

    18 Flat
  • City Center

    54 km
  • Under-Cons

  • 50%


    18 Months

Prices Start From

Rooms Area (m2) Observations
5+1 352 773.400 Duplex
6+2 426 861.600 Triplex Villa

Overview ... Facilities and Services

    The project is located in the European section within one of the most distinguished areas overlooking the Sea of Marmara, which is Kumburgaz in the Büyükçekmece area.
  • The project occupies an area of 7.700 square meters and consists of 18 villas of two types: 5+1 duplexes ranging in area between 390 and 600 square meters; and 7+2 triplexes with areas between 380 and 560 square meters, with full sea view.
  • Swimming Pools
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras

Service institutions

  • All the services that are needed for residents are available such as public and privet schools, even international schools that use English or Arabic syllabi, in addition to a group of privet and government universities such as Ayden, arial, and Istanbul Technical university.
  • All health institutions such as private and public hospitals and other health centres are available such as Mimar Sinan hospital and medical hospital.
  • There is an aqua park near the beach that is considered as one of the largest in Istanbul in addition to many shopping malls.


  • The project is situated in a prime location in the European side of Istanbul named büyükçekmece on the sea of Marmara and the E5 highway separating it from the sea
  • The area is quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the city at the same time close to the sea coast where many restaurants, cafes and other facilities had been opened.
  • In addition to the marina which has been completed recently
  • The project’s proximity to a swimming beach within the same coast, which is considered as one of very few swimming beaches in European Istanbul, also the municipality is planning to complete the reclamation works of the beach towards the project because of the short distance between them.
  • As well as the view to the yacht club
  • the project area is located on the road connecting the E5 and E80 highways, the same road leads to the third airport, the airport can be reached within 35 minutes


  • Buses, and minibuses are available and very common in the area.
  • The project is located on the E5 highway which connect the area with all Istanbul districts reaching the Asian side.
  • Metrobus project will be delivered soon.
  • Marine transport project will be finished soon.
  • Taxi service is available 24 hours so the residents can order a taxi at any time.
  • The area is well services by the public transportations like buses considering its proximity to the road that connects the two main highways the E80 and E5.

Future look

  • The most expensive projects in Istanbul are the projects that have sea views -projects close to the sea –prices in this projects are low compared to other projects with the same standards , obviously Hight investment returns would be achieved after the completion of this project as well as the finishing of reclamation works of the beach so it would be An extension of the swimming beach and also the marina.
  • The opening of the new third airport is considered as an important positively affective step on this project, because the project is located close to the highway leading directly to the airport.
  • An international media city is being established close to the project on a huge land area named MEDIWOOD that will put Turkey into global competition it will be central within the country, which will add investment value to the projects around
  • Furthermore, we can say that prices of sale and purchase are highly competitive, in addition to the distinctive location, the metrobus project
  • And the reclamation works of the beach.


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