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Apartments for sale in Aksu - Antalya DN097 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 01
Apartments for sale in Aksu - Antalya DN097 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 02
Apartments for sale in Aksu - Antalya DN097 | DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate 05
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apartment For sale in Antalya Aksu luxurious finishes DN097

  • Antalya

  • 1 Block

    173 Flat
  • City Center

    15 km
  • Under-Cons

  • 50%


    20 Months

Prices Start From

Rooms Area (m2) Observations
1+1 93 201.000 -
2+1 123 320.000 -

Overview ... Facilities and Services

    This new, integrated project is situated on the Altan Taş site in the Aksu district, one of Antalya's central districts. The project is notable for its placement between Antalya International Airport and the famed Lara district's beaches. The location is regarded as one of the most booming sectors in the field of real estate development, giving the project a high long-term investment value. The project is distinguished by its construction in accordance with current European standards and by its provision of a high-quality modern lifestyle. The project is distinguished by its stunning modern features and plenty of social and recreational amenities.
  • On a plot of land of 10720 square meters, the project consists of a single structure measuring 195 meters in length, 12 stories tall, and containing 173 residential apartments with apartment options of 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1, in addition to a number of commercial units.
  • Project Features:
  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, aquapark, sauna, Turkish bath, and steam room, in addition to a children's pool, children's play areas, and a mini club
  • Gym, running areas, basketball and tennis arenas, trellis areas, in addition to areas for recreation such as bowling, billiards, archery, and other electronic games, as well as a cinema hall
  • Cafe, outdoor and indoor parking spaces, as well as a private clinic
  • Free transportation to the beaches, the airport, the shopping centers and vice versa
  • Luxurious finishes, and high-quality materials and construction supplies
  • Sound and heat insulation system
  • Ground heating system
  • Oven, cooker, kitchen hood and air conditioners
  • 1 km from Antalya International Airport
  • 5 km from the famous Lara Beach
  • 15 km from the city center
  • 5 km from the shopping center
  • 1 km from private schools
  • Restaurants & Cafe
  • Children's playground
  • Swimming Pools
  • Closed Swimming Pools
  • Sauna Rooms
  • Turkish Bath
  • Steam Rooms
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Earthquake Resistant Building
  • Indoor car Park
  • outdoor car Park

Service institutions

  • Aksu District hosts many public and private educational institutions such as Yiddi Su Private Schools in addition to many other private, public and trade schools.
  • A number of medical institutions also is available at the area that provides services to the region’s residents, including medical centers, private and public clinics. Furthermore, the state plans to establish a modern public hospital with a capacity of 300 beds in the region.
  • The region is also proximate to Antalya International Airport and major shopping centers in the city such as Mall of Antalya and Agora Antalya.
  • The region hosts many natural and historical attractions such as the famous Kurşunlu Waterfall, which attracts thousands of Turkish and foreign tourists, the ancient city of gölet, the Zindan Cave, and other amazing natural places, parks and entertainment venues.
  • The region also hosts the International Antalya Expo, which is a theater for various cultural, artistic, historical and entertainment activities. It always hosts various international activities.


  • Aksu district is one of the five central districts that make up the city center of Antalya. It is located in the east of the city on the D400 road that connects Antalya with the cities of the Turkish south. The area is also located to the north of the tourist Lara road, which hosts many high-end hotels and resorts. The area is 10 km away from Lara Beach


  • The region has a network of public and private transportation lines connecting it with other central regions of the city.
  • A tram line also connects Aksu district with Antalya Airport, the otogar (Bus terminal), the city center, and other central areas.

Future look

  • Aksu district is considered as one of the central areas of the city of Antalya and is linked to the city center with a network of sober transportation. The region is witnessing growth and development in infrastructure and is also witnessing a turnout of real estate development companies. The proximity of Aksu to the tourist area of ​​Kundu, which hosts resorts, hotels and tourist attractions has increased the interest of real estate companies. The region is witnessing a wide real estate development process; many different real estate projects, such as apartments and villas, are spread in the region.


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