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The 10 most likely Turkish cities for foreigners to buy property

20/02/2024 Investment in Turkey 681 The 10 most likely Turkish cities for foreigners to buy property

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Foreigners' purchase of real estate in Turkey has increased significantly, and this strong demand is due to four factors: the desire for investment, education, work, and tourism, but the real estate sector in Turkey was the most attractive to foreigners, and on the other hand, it was announced that the Turkish cities in which the largest number of homes were sold to foreigners were announced. During the year 2024, Istanbul will be at the forefront of the Turkish cities preferred by foreigners, as its real estate is the most attractive to foreign buyers.

There is a high demand for buying real estate for sale in Istanbul

Foreigners' love for Istanbul increases day by day, as it is the city known to make many people fall in love with it due to its historical and natural beauty and unparalleled strategic location. It was and still is the preferred destination for foreign investors and those wishing to invest in Istanbul . It is the most attractive Turkish city for foreigners in terms of purchasing real estate. The percentage of sales exceeded 20% of the total real estate sales in Turkey .

Especially in the last nine years, the annual increase in the prices of real estate for sale in Istanbul has exceeded 106%. After the price per square meter of investment buildings was one thousand and eight hundred liras, it has now reached four thousand liras.

Although it is not the actual capital of Turkey, it is the most attractive and is distinguished by its superiority over all Turkish cities, especially in the real estate sector, and this is due to several factors, the most important of which is Istanbul’s strategic location between Europe and Asia, in addition to the abundance of job, study and investment opportunities, and the development of its infrastructure and service and entertainment facilities. .

One of the most important evaluations mentioned in the report of Forbes magazine, which specializes in preparing real estate reports since 2007, is that the city of Istanbul outperformed more than 76 cities in terms of the percentage of real estate sales in Turkey , due to the neighborhoods it contains in which real estate prices increased by 25%, and this What makes us realize that the time has come to make the investment decision according to the neighborhoods of the city in question, not just the city.

The city of Istanbul is at the forefront of Turkish cities preferred by foreigners, with sales estimated at 8,900 homes during the first half of 2019, bringing the total sales of real estate for sale in Istanbul to foreigners to 42,415 homes, and the average price per square meter of residential apartments in Istanbul is 4,088 Turkish liras. While the average period for re-pricing an apartment is about 20 years, according to the real estate index and regional report.

According to the latest statistics on real estate in Turkey and real estate sales to foreigners, ten Turkish cities topped the Turkish real estate market during the year 2024, as follows:



3- Sakarya








11- Diyarbakir

More than 5 million square meters of real estate area in Turkey sold to foreigners during 2023

According to the latest statistics on the real estate market in Turkey, more than 5 million square meters were sold to foreigners throughout Turkey during the year 2023. The number of foreigners who purchased a property in Turkey reached 22 thousand 441 foreign citizens. Therefore, the year 2023 is considered one of the most successful years, especially in the real estate sector, through achieving huge sales compared to previous years. Foreigners were able to achieve many buying deals during this year.

Germany, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen come in first place among the 10 countries that prefer to buy a property in Turkey .

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