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How to find and buy a cheap property in Istanbul?

30/05/2022 Daily living in Turkey 110 How to find and buy a cheap property in Istanbul?

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In Turkey, you may find low-cost property in Turkey real estate in many cities. Foreign nationals can buy low-priced residences, while investors have a variety of options based on their projected business. Here are the procedures for finding and purchasing a low-cost house in Turkey :

  1. Collect information: The Turkish real estate business is developing at a rapid pace. Begin by performing in-depth research. There are many affordable properties for sale in Turkey , as well as real estate agents.
  2. Identify a reliable real estate agent: Before you start the purchase process, you must first find a trusted and reputable estate agent. Agents that have been in the business for a long time are more likely to be trustworthy. Contact one and make sure that they comprehend what you are looking for. Purchasing real estate in another state is a significant choice people make, and the agent you work with must be knowledgeable in order to meet your requirements. Despite the fact that there are several real estate agents, affordable real estate may be purchased safely and quickly with damasturk . Establish a solid relationship with your real estate agent in order to take advantage of the best prices available.
  3. Visit Turkey: Go to Turkey to check on the properties. Before purchasing inexpensive real estate, you should learn about the location, the neighborhoods, and the neighboring areas. Investigate your alternatives as thoroughly as possible.
  4. Discuss the sale price and conditions: You can negotiate the cost and terms of the real estate, then reserve and freeze the property's pricing. Throughout this time, you can seek legal guidance from an attorney.
  5. Make a payment: Loans are available from a number of Turkish banks to foreigners willing to invest in purchasing real estate in Turkey . However, because the property is inexpensive, cash payment is more likely. Hire a lawyer to finalize the deal using legal authorization.
  6. Get your title deed: The final step in finalizing your purchase in Turkey is to receive the title deed. Whenever all of the paperwork and contractual requirements on both sides have been satisfied, the real estate will be registered on your behalf and you will receive the title deed for your new property in Turkey .
  7. Foreigners interested in purchasing real estate in Turkey should be aware of the following particular conditions:

- Foreigners are limited to purchasing 30 hectares of land in Turkey and have relatively limited privileges.

- In military restricted zones and security zones, foreigners are barred from acquiring or renting properties.

- Foreign nationals may purchase properties or a restricted right of rem in a district or town up to 10% of the total area of the district or town.

Istanbul's vibrant bargain properties market

The Turkish market for bargain properties is thriving, as investing in devalued real estate has become increasingly beneficial. It is worth mentioning that these properties are also acceptable for acquiring a residency visa in Turkey.

As is obvious, Turkey's cheap, bargain real estate market is a fast-moving target, as properties with below-market value prices come and go swiftly. Inferior prices, however, do not automatically imply low building quality. We, in damasturk, make certain that even the cheapest property in our inventory meets stringent construction codes. If the buying selection is sensible, investing in a discount residential property in large cities like Istanbul and Izmir, or bargain beachfront vacation houses, may provide a great rental income.

damasturk continues to assist you with its comprehensive property management services for hassle-free upkeep of your new house long after you've purchased it.

Our experts are also ready to help you with your property search in Turkey, ensuring that you obtain the best deal possible.

Are Istanbul real estate for sale is cheap?

In Istanbul, budget is no longer an impediment to purchasing a home that meets your requirements. Today, you may seek inexpensive properties in Istanbul , and you can pay for them using a variety of payment methods, including installment plans.

In Turkey, the quality of low-cost homes is comparable to that of higher-cost homes because a low-cost property owner may take advantage of a wide range of amenities such as security systems, indoor and outdoor parking, a swimming pool, sports facilities, a children's playground, and a fitness center. The low-cost property also implies lower stamp duty, title deed fees, and upkeep costs.

The genuine treasures in Turkey are the low-cost homes that don't skimp on quality or location. It is not a requirement to comply with obtaining an expensive house to enjoy a residence in good condition in Istanbul. Call us to learn about the finest offers we have, such as distressed villas and houses and off-the-plan properties. Browse our collection of hundreds of apartments for sale in Istanbul if you are looking for a bargain. Each offering contains interior and exterior images as well as information about the property, major features, reasons to buy, and the current market price. Use the enquiry form or call us for further information and purchase costs, and we'll send them to you via email.

What is the cost of cheap properties in Istanbul ?

Property prices in Istanbul are low in comparison to Europe, so investors can earn a high return by investing in the most affordable districts in Istanbul, especially since Turkish construction companies have established a large number of urban projects, at all levels and desires, to meet the needs of investors and property owners.

With an average of US $45,000, you may get a 75-square-meter cheap apartment in Istanbul, for example. These properties are usually found in the Esenyurt and the Beylikdüzü. 

Apartments aren't the only option that is reasonably priced. Villas may be found for a very low price. Villas start at roughly 80,000 euros, which is a bargain. These are often resale homes in need of some tender loving care, but they can also be off-plan units if the owner seeks a rapid sale.

Remember that the prices of properties under construction are substantially lower than those of ready-to-move-in properties, and that an investor or property owner may be able to purchase a cheap homes for sale in Istanbul for less than 30% of the price of ready-to-move-in properties.

On the other hand, in order to keep up with the constant population growth, the Turkish government is trying to give different services and tax breaks in the real estate industry, as well as to stimulate new real estate projects.

Furthermore, we occasionally receive bank repossessions and distressed bids, which come to us substantially below market value, owing to our strong networks with Turkish bankers and financing organizations. These kinds of deals can be found all around Turkey. You may take advantage of these excellent bargains on Turkish real estate if you act fast and secure your purchase. 

Reasons to buy a cheap property in Istanbul

Low prices can give a good potential for capital gain if you keep your house for the long term. However, if you want to sell to turn your real estate investment into actual cash, you may promote it to a worldwide market because both Turks and foreigners participate in the market.

Turkey has spent the last decade reinventing its market, and purchasers now have access to thousands of low-cost off-plan, new-build, and resale apartments and villas. The options for residences are limitless, ranging from seaside getaways to mountain retreats.

What characterizes low-cost properties in Istanbul ?

Despite their modest pricing, low-cost houses provide a lot of features, including but not limited to: 24/7 security systems, indoor and outdoor parking garages, kids’ playgrounds, gym and fitness facilities, sauna and Turkish baths, spas, beautiful gardens and barrique areas, swimming pools, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, walking trails and biking paths, sea, lake, green landscape, and city views, commercial units, restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, contemporary and stylish designs, fully fitted kitchens, smart home systems, and large balconies.

Who can buy cheap real estate in Istanbul

In Turkey, almost any nationality can invest in Turkey real estate . Only North Koreans, Syrians, Cubans, Nigerians, and Armenians are barred from purchasing property in Turkey.

Some nations' citizens are restricted from purchasing real estate in Turkey. Israel/Palestine, Jordan, East Timor, and Fiji are among these countries.

Russian and Ukrainian nationals are not permitted to own property along Turkey's Black Sea coast.

Real estate purchases on Turkey's Black Sea coast and in several Aegean areas are restricted to Greek nationals.

There are various limits on the sort of property that apply to people from 31 countries. Moroccans, Latvians, and Egyptians, for example, are unable to purchase agricultural land in Turkey.

Afghan citizens are likewise unable to own agricultural property in Turkey and must seek permission to purchase other forms of real estate. In Turkey, Albanian citizens can only acquire office and residential properties.

What are the benefits of purchasing low-cost real estate in Istanbul?

  • It is cost-effective

You can get a lot of bricks and mortar for your money. On the surface, it looks to be of reasonable worth.

  • Ideal for cash investors

As the price may be low enough to allow for a cash purchase, which eliminates the need for a mortgage and the need for the property to meet financing requirements.

  • Low down payment, low monthly payments, and low-interest rates

When purchasing a house with a mortgage, the mortgage will be lower, cutting the cost of financing the project.

  • Low risk

Investing less money often entails a lower risk for the investor.

  • Value for money

Purchasing a home is a significant financial investment. Even after purchasing the property, expenditures such as legal fees and taxes must be included. Property in Turkey is not only inexpensive, but it is also less expensive than in Europe. You may purchase newly built houses that are completely furnished and of the finest quality.

  • Good rental return

Yields might be spectacular because prices are lower than in "expensive" districts, yet rentals are comparable. It can occasionally result in prices that are twice, or even treble, lower than those in more expensive places.

  • Investment growth

Residential property is the most reliable and secure option to invest in the real estate market. Investing in low-cost real estate pays off handsomely.

  • Low property taxes

Because property taxes are computed based on the value of the property, purchasing cheap real estate will result in lower tax payments.

  • Cost of living

Turkey's cost of living is significantly lower than that of other European countries. Taxes, electricity and gas bills, maintenance fees, food, and transportation costs are low and significantly lower than in other countries.

Any foreigner who purchases a property in Turkey for at least US $400,000 can apply for Turkish citizenship and acquire a passport that is valid worldwide. Foreigners can expect to become Turkish citizens within six months. Foreigners who have purchased property in Turkey, including their spouses and minor children, will be granted residency permits.

The best places in Istanbul to buy bargain properties

There are so many places to buy a cheap apartment or villa that you may find one that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you choose to reside in a fashionable city or a peaceful village, the Mediterranean and Aegean shores offer a diverse range of options. Some homeowners, in order to sell their home quickly, may underprice their properties. If you're seeking homes below market value, sign up for our newsletter to remain informed about new additions to our portfolio.

Otherwise, certain locations stand out more than others as areas to hunt for low-cost housing. For example, the European side of Istanbul is seeing significant development, with huge, all-inclusive complexes dominating the market. Districts like Beylikdüzü, Avcilar, and Küçükçekmece are on the outskirts of the city center, but the area's continual growth provides numerous prospects for a return on investment in the long run.


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