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Apartments for Sale in Türkiye, Best Cities to Buy In

15/03/2024 Investment in Turkey 133 Apartments for Sale in Türkiye, Best Cities to Buy In

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  • What are the best cities to buy apartments for sale in Türkiye?! Are there certain areas that can be preferred over other cities in Türkiye?! Are there really Arab communities in certain cities? On the other hand, we may not find this in some Turkish cities! All the questions and inquiries that are on your mind, we will remove for you today in our current article. 
  • Your real estate consultant in Turkey, Damas Turk Real Estate, is the one who is addressing you today in this article, and introducing you to the best cities that suit living, investment, or the goal through which you seek to buy apartments for sale in Turkey. Certainly, there are many cities, but what are the most prominent ones in your opinion?! So, here are the most important cities that suit all goals through the following ideas
  • First, the city of Istanbul
  • Secondly, the city of Antalya 
  • Third, the city of Kocaeli
  • Fourth, the city of Bursa 

Apartments for sale in Türkiye, the best cities to buy in 

First, Istanbul 

  • undoubtedly considered one of the most prominent global cities that combines tradition and modernity in a unique harmony, which has made it a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world in recent years. The matter is not limited to tourists only; Indeed, many foreigners have chosen Istanbul as a place to invest in real estate and settle there, thanks to the advantages and standards it provides that are comparable to European countries, not to mention its charming climate that gives it an atmosphere of beauty and splendor.

Advantages of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul 

  • Firstly, its unique location that brings together two continents, Europe and Asia, giving it exceptional geographical and cultural importance.
  • Secondly, its moderate climate makes Istanbul an ideal place to live and invest in real estate as well.
  • Third, the diversity of social and cultural classes, making it a multicultural society that closely resembles global cities
  • Fourthly , there are luxury real estate projects with competitive prices and attractive investment returns
  • Fifthly, the Arab communities present there, especially in areas such as Basaksehir, Fatih, and others 
  • Sixth, the high real estate value of apartments in Istanbul, which offers successful and ideal investment opportunities

Secondly, Antalya  

  • There is no doubt at all that the city of Antalya is a global city with plans, visions and goals that compete with European cities in many areas, and this has been crystal clear in the past few years, whether in terms of the huge numbers of tourists that have come to it, or through the foreigners there who have bought real estate and settled. In which; Because of its high luxury components and standards, in addition to its exceptional climate. 

Advantages of buying apartments for sale in Antalya 

  • Firstly, the unique coastal location on the Aegean Sea  
  • Secondly, the pleasant climate is an incentive to buy property and settle in Antalya   
  • Thirdly, the segments and classes of society are sophisticated and sophisticated  
  • Fourth, luxury real estate projects and prices in the region with rewarding investment returns
  • Fifthly, the diverse cultures of the presence of foreigners in Antalya are similar to Dubai in that
  • Sixth, the real estate value of the apartments is high and has profitable investment returns

Third, Kocaeli 

  • Kocaeli.. has a unique strategic position at the meeting point of the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara and its proximity to Istanbul. It has quickly turned into an important industrial and commercial center in Turkey, but this is not the only thing that distinguishes Kocaeli; The city is also attracting increasing interest from foreigners and locals alike to buy and invest in real estate, thanks to its harmonious combination of economic opportunities and high quality of life, along with its pleasant climate and picturesque natural sites. 

Advantages of buying apartments for sale in Kocaeli 

  • First, the excellent location for accessing major business centers and enjoying the stunning natural beauty
  • Secondly, its moderate climate makes it a distinctive destination after Istanbul! With warm summers and mild winters
  • Thirdly, it has social and cultural diversity that enhances the experience of living there with beautiful tourist attractions.
  • Fourth, Kocaeli offers promising real estate investment opportunities at cheap prices compared to Istanbul
  • Fifthly, the advanced infrastructure and high-quality public services make it an ideal place for families 
  • Sixth, the real estate value in Kocaeli is witnessing continuous growth, and this means a long-term investment with rewarding returns 

Fourth, Bursa 

  • Bursa... known as one of the most beautiful Turkish cities that combines natural beauty and ancient heritage, has witnessed in recent years a remarkable development that places it among the global cities in terms of tourist and investment attractiveness. Bursa is also considered an ideal destination for many foreigners who are looking for opportunities to buy real estate. And stability there, thanks to the high standards of life it provides, and its moderate climate, which makes it a wonderful place to live all year round.

Advantages of buying apartments for sale in Bursa

  • Firstly, its location is stunning among the mountains and wide green spaces, providing charming natural views and a tranquil environment
  • Secondly, its moderate climate, with snowy winters and relatively cool summers, makes it ideal for lovers of nature and outdoor activities
  • Third, Bursa is a homogeneous society that includes diverse social classes, which reflects a rich cultural environment that is accepting of others
  • Fourth, Bursa offers luxury real estate projects at reasonable prices compared to major cities, while achieving investment returns
  • Fifthly, prices in Bursa are reasonable and cheap compared to, for example, Istanbul or Antalya
  • Sixth, the real estate value in Bursa is constantly increasing, in addition to the presence of many and varied real estate options
  • In our article today, we spoke to you superficially about the most important central cities that you should choose when searching for apartments for sale in Turkey. We mentioned distinctive and high-value cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Kocaeli, and Bursa. Of course there are more cities, but what we mentioned to you are the most prominent and most valuable. . 
  • For your information also.. Damas Turk Real Estate Company has branches in all of those cities that we talked about, and provides you with a summary of its experience in the Turkish real estate market for more than ten years. We have successful plans for investment in Turkey, and we also provide you with the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship through Purchasing the property, through Turkish consultants and lawyers with extensive knowledge and knowledge of the legal affairs in Turkey 

Common Questions 

  • What are the best cities to buy apartments for sale in Türkiye?
  • The best cities to buy an apartment in Turkey include Istanbul, Antalya, Kocaeli, and Bursa. Each of these cities has its own unique features that make it an excellent choice for living or investment, such as geographical location, moderate climate, cultural diversity, and attractive investment returns.
  • How can Damas Turk Real Estate help me buy an apartment in Türkiye?
  • Damas Turk Real Estate Company provides comprehensive services to investors wishing to purchase real estate in Turkey, including real estate consultations, assistance in the purchase process, and providing advice on the most profitable investments. In addition, the company provides support in obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, accredited We have a team of consultants and lawyers specialized in Turkish law.
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