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Job opportunities in DAMAS TÜRK Real Estate for residents of Turkey

Job opportunities in
Turkey and Istanbul

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Muaz Alhaj

Отдел маркетинга.

For the past 9 years, I have specialized in search engine marketing and advertising. We target clients that are interested in owning and investing in Turkey.


Hazem Zino

Отдел консалтинга.

I have more than 7 years of expertise in selling over the phone. I am willing to pass all of my expertise, knowledge, and skills to you in order for you to be the top seller in the Turkish real estate market.


Samer Najjar

Отдел продаж.

I began my career in sales in 2014 and have since completed hundreds of profitable deals. I am eager to give full assistance to my professional team.


Sherif Abdelaal

مدير قسم ضبط الجودة

My experience in quality control spans more than 18 years. My mission is to monitor and enhance all company services, as well as to resolve clients' issues and convert them into satisfied ones.


Sait Hikmetoğlu

Отдел послепродажного обслуживания.

My mission is to meet all of the demands of the sales and consulting departments' clients before, during, and after the sale process in order to develop the best image of you with your clients.


Necmettin Barman

Юридический отдел.

My job is to legally safeguard our clients in Turkey by offering them all legal assistance, maintaining their rights, and ensuring that they have the best possible experience with us.


Mohammed Adel

Отдел кадров.

With over 15 years of experience, I am prepared to bring the top skills and capabilities to our company in order to improve specialization and coordination within the company's departments and branches.

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رواتب ونسب مجزية، بدل طعام ومواصلات، اذن عمل وتأمين صحي لك ولعائلتك، نعتمد قانون العمل التركي بشكل تام، مواصلات سهلة قرب محطة المترو والمتروبوس

How can you increase your sales with us?

دورات تدريبية دورية من قبل مختصين بالعقار التركي، متابعة يومية من قبل مشرفين مختصين لرفع الأداء، عملاء مهتمين يوميا بجودة عالية، طرق احترافية في ادارة العملاء، جولات ميدانية دورية على المشاريع العقارية

DAMAS TÜRK in a glimmer

خبرتنا في سوق العقار التركي منذ العام 2014، مكاتبنا في مركز التجارة العالمي في اسطنبول، شركة مؤسساتية تضم عدة اقسام وفروع، كادر احترافي ذو خبرة واسعة في سوق العقارات التركية