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Appartements à vendre à Istanbul près de l'autoroute E80


Apartments for sale in Istanbul near the E80 expressway invariably imply selecting strategic and vital locations, where the investment in neighborhoods around this highway is a sustainable and assured gain for many reasons, including the simple and easy access to any spot in Istanbul and from there to other cities and regions in Turkey.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul , picking ones close to the E80 means making a sure investment in the future. And the good news is that, to this day, areas on the periphery of the E80 expressway are being developed, which is one of Istanbul's major thoroughfares, allowing for transit both inside and outside of Turkish borders and is used daily by hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

In this article, Damasturk Realty will discuss the most significant aspects of selecting unique apartments for sale in Istanbul and outline the benefits of purchasing an apartment close to the E80 motorway. We will also cover the key regions that developed as a result of the construction of this roadway.

The E80 Highway: What is it?

The Turkish republic is always developing, progressing, and expanding, particularly in the domains of suspension bridges, motorways, and railways, and Turkey has grown to be competitive and similar to important international nations in all of these sectors. The E80 expressway, known as the lifeblood of Istanbul, was one of its most significant road developments.

The E80 highway is a European highway, commonly known as the TEM road, which stands for Trans European Motorway, running from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, to the Iranian city of Bazargan, passing through the Turkish hamlet of Gürbulak on the Iranian border. It connects the far western regions of Europe and the far eastern areas of Asia.

The construction of this route began in 1977 AD, and since it was so important at the time, it was dubbed "the artery of the city," and the Turkish government at the time acquired technical assistance from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

With a length of around 6,962 kilometers (4,332 miles), this route passes through 10 different countries. It ends at the Asian Expressway AH1, which continues on to Japan, demonstrating the significance of this road and its worldwide significance to the countries it travels through.

In terms of Istanbul, the E80 Highway runs across the city's European part, beginning at the Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh Bridge over the Bosphorus and ending west at the Çatalca district, which is Istanbul's final territory on the European side and is directly close to the city of Tekirdağ.

The most notable areas revived by the E80 highway

The E-80 highway runs through several significant regions of Istanbul, including:

  • Çatalca

Istanbul's defensive line, which is famed for mansions and lands with green spaces and meadows, is also embellished with windmills at the top of its hills.

  • Silivri

Located on Istanbul's farthest European side, this region is recognized for its homes and lands, as well as its lovely and refreshing beachfront on the renowned Sea of Marmara.

  • Büyükçekmece

A lovely spot on the coast of the magnificent Marmara Sea. It is regarded as a summer destination for Istanbul residents. It has the most elegant neighborhoods on the European side of Istanbul, with villas for the Turkish state's most powerful representatives.

  • Esenyurt

It is an area that has radically changed over the past several years. In this district, big construction companies have undertaken numerous large-scale projects, constructing opulent, towering complexes with investment potential.

  • Avcilar

This district is a remarkable region on the shore of the lovely Marmara Sea that has substantial and palatial projects in the renowned Ispartakule area. As a result of the interest of the government in this area, the rebuilding movement there has recently experienced significant growth.

  • Başakşehir

It is the Arab district on Istanbul's European side. The Arab impact is highly visible in this receptive region due to the existence of an elegant and open atmosphere.

  • Küçükçekmece

The Istanbul Water Canal will flow through the Küçükçekmece lake in this district, making it a particularly unique site for living and business at the same time, especially considering the presence of industrial cities to a substantial degree.

  • Bağcılar

This area is highlighted by the existence of the Basin Express Highway, which gave the area its first status as a location for investment. This area is home to the most resplendent investment projects, with Istanbul's surrounding areas taking the lead in this regard.

  • Gazi Osman Pasha

A prominent residential neighborhood in Istanbul, next to the Sultan Eyup and Sultan Ghazi areas, which all have a long history of quality.

  • Sultan Ghazi

Another residential and family neighborhood among Istanbul's unique neighborhoods housing Vialand Tema Park, which attracts tourists from all directions.

  • Sultan Ayyub

In this region lies the companion Abu Ayyub al- Ansari's grave as well as the famous Eyüpsultan cable car, which transports visitors to the historic Pierre Loti coffee shop perched atop the hill of Sultan Ayyub area overlooking the Gulf of the Golden Horn.

  • Kağithane

In earlier ages, the region served as the summer residence of the Ottoman lords. They used to go there every year for hunting and trekking in the vast open areas and enormous woods, the most significant of which are the Belgrade forests.

  • Besiktas

A supremely cosmopolitan neighborhood, with beautiful palaces placed on the gorgeous Bosphorus and a 12 km long beach on the Bosphorus where people dream of strolling down.

  • Sarıyer

The best real estate projects, as well as the well-known Istanbul Valley project, which is distinguished by a mall also named after it, can be found in this district, which is considered Istanbul's financial and business zone.

Advantages of investing in apartments for sale near the E80 highway in Istanbul

This route successfully relieves congestion on the transit from Sarıyer to Bahçeşehir. It is also a key artery for the numerous sub-roads that emerge from the previously mentioned locations, and there are plans in place to reduce pressure to a significant extent through the construction of rapid metro lines, emphasizing the importance of this motorway and the commercial and residential projects that surround it.

The following are a few of the most significant advantages and benefits of purchasing an apartment in Istanbul close to the E80 expressway:

  • Luxurious construction projects on the margins of the E80 highway

The majority of Turkish building companies have developed projects along the E80 expressway as the value of apartments in this area has been rising on a regular basis. This is due to the ever-increasing demand for people to own apartments for sale in Istanbul along the E80 motorway, as well as the convenience of accessing their work and anywhere fast, which we shall discuss later.

  • High returns on apartment investment and real estate values in the surrounding area

The investment value of projects located next to the world's most significant motorways undoubtedly grows proportionally with the project area's benefit from this motorway, and this has encouraged the development of luxury projects on the fringes of the E80 highway. As we indicated before, it is extremely important to focus on the site when choosing a property in Turkey since it is the basis for picking real estate constantly. 

Apartments in such projects provide profitable investment returns, especially since some developments bind their owners to yearly agreements that promise investment returns of up to 10% each year. Along with the yearly price increase brought on by inflation and the rise in real estate costs in the Turkish real estate market, which is also a factor to boost profits.

  • Access to any location with simplicity and comfort

Due to this route's strategic and historical significance as one of Istanbul's earliest major thoroughfares and the fact that a significant amount of the city of Istanbul is situated on both sides of it, providing easy access to all areas of Istanbul, it is clear that this defining feature is one of the factors contributing to the high value of real estate located along its edge.

Damasturk's most significant projects and apartments for sale in Istanbul adjacent to the E80 highway

  • Apartments for sale in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul close to the E80 highway-Project DS213

This project is located just behind the well-known Akbati Mall, which is well-known for its size and quantity of international brands. Next to it is a large hospital called Istinye Hospital, which also has the name of the nearby university. Suleiman the Magnificent Hospital is 2 kilometers away from the project. The most important element of this project, however, is that it is only 1 kilometer from the metro.

The project will take up 46,800 square meters of land. The project has 9 blocks, 718 apartments, and 231 commercial units. It is split into three portions, the first and second of which comprise apartments of the 1 + 2 and 1 + 3 types, while the third segment has 1+0, 1+1, and 2+1 apartments. More information about the project is available by visiting DS213 Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Bahçeşehir along the E80 freeway.

  • Apartments for sale in Sancaktepe, Istanbul with luxury finishes-Project DS618

This project is located in Istanbul's Asian part, notably in the Sancaktepe neighborhood. It covers a 2000 square meter plot of land and comprises of 3 buildings with a total of 108 apartments, each with roomy, pleasant interiors that suit different preferences in 2 + 1, 3 + 1, and 4+1.

Sancaktepe municipality is one of the municipalities affected by the Istanbul municipality's intention to repair areas with old buildings and replace them with modern residential complexes. This project itself is a replacement of an old building. More information about the DS618 project may be found by clicking on apartments for sale in Istanbul Sancaktepe with luxury finishes.

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Esenyurt near the metro-Project DS335

The project location is very unique in Esenyurt, and it is also close to two of Istanbul's most major retail complexes, Marmara Park Mall and Motorium. The property is about 5 kilometers from the Sea of Marmara, and there are several foreign cafes along the coast, as well as a lovely marina in the Marmara area.

The project covers 25,000 square meters in total, 60% of which is water and green space. The project consists of eight towers totaling 304 units. The project also comprises 76 stores, whose floorspaces range from 26 to 294 square meters. Click here to find out more about DS335 apartments for sale in Istanbul's Esenyurt district near the metro station.


Finally, in today's article, we compiled all of the information and facts we could find on apartments for sale in Istanbul near the E80 highway . If you want to buy real estate that is distinguished by the qualities outlined in this article, it is quite simple to do so. All you have to do is click here to interact with a professional real estate consultant that is eager to help you and answer all of your questions with transparency and kindness. Communicate now to seize the opportunity.

Damasturk Realty has been involved in the Turkish real estate industry for over ten years and offers free-of-charge real estate services. We have efficient ideas for investment in Turkey , and we also provide the service of obtaining Turkish citizenship by acquiring real estate through our Turkish consultants and attorneys, who have an extensive understanding of Turkish legal complications.

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