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Properties for sale in Antalya 2022

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Antalya is one of Turkey's best-selling real estate destinations, ranking fifth last year after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa. Antalya is a great coastal city with warm temperatures, a gorgeous environment, beautiful sea and beaches, and a diverse range of entertainment options, as well as a large number of job opportunities and projects establishment. In comparison to other large Turkish cities, Antalya offers a more enjoyable, comfortable, and affordable way of life, not to mention the city's residents' generosity, kindness, and greatheartedness to outsiders of all cultures. This all boosts the urge to dwell in this lovely city for local and foreign expats. Due to growing interest and strong demand for real estate in the city, it is currently only second to Istanbul in terms of real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners.

Attractive areas for investors in Antalya 2022:

Antalya is divided into 19 districts, 12 of which are on the Mediterranean coast, and 5 of these districts comprise the city center. Real estate in Antalya may be classified into the following categories based on investor preferences:

Antalya city center districts:

Real estate investors choose central districts because of their vibrancy and activity, as well as the affordability of key service and social amenities and different government bodies, which manifests in the convenience of living, working, transporting, and utilizing the services of these facilities and institutions.

Konyaalti district:

Konyaalti, in the western portion of Antalya city center, is at the top of the list of Antalya city districts in terms of being the most sought-after by real estate investors.

Kepez district:

Kepez, in the northern portion, is home to the Antalya Medical City project, which is now under construction and will transform the region into a medical hub, boosting the substantiality of economic activities. In comparison to other central Antalya areas, real estate prices in Kepez are lower, and it is worth noting that Kepez leads the Antalya regions in terms of yearly real estate value growth.

Muratpaşa district:

The area is regarded as the city's economic heart, as it contains the old city center, "Antalya Kaleiçi," as well as the tourist districts of Lara, Güzel Oba, Fener, and Shirin Yali, which are among the most prestigious neighborhoods in the region and the most appealing to residents, as well as being among the city's most expensive neighborhoods.

Döşemealtı region:

It's around 20 kilometers from the city core encompassing the main complex of Antalya University of Science, as well as the city's industrial area. Döşemealtı is known for its exceptional expansion and development in the field of real estate development. A land road and public transit routes connect it to the city center. Furthermore, the city's municipal officials are researching the feasibility of extending the tram line to the region, which would help to facilitate transit to the area and boost its value. The neighborhood is distinguished by a high number of open areas suitable for real estate development.

Aksu area:

In addition to tourist attractions such as Kurşunlu Waterfall (Kurşunlu Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı) and the historic city of Perge, the region is distinguished by its closeness to Antalya International Airport and is connected to Antalya city center by a tram line. The Aksu area is known for its large open spaces and its closeness to Antalya's major tourist destinations, including Belek, Kadriye, and Kundu.


Districts outside Antalya city center:

Alanya district:

Due to its features, infrastructure, service and tourism facilities, in addition to government institutions, real estate in Alanya receives more than half of investments of foreign investors in Antalya. It is considered one of the most high-value areas in Antalya, and it provides an excellent investment opportunity for investors.

Kaş area:

Real estate in Kaş is the most costly in Antalya. The beach region is located 200 kilometers west of Antalya's city center, near the renowned tourist destination of Fethiye.

Kemer region:

It is located less than 40 kilometers from the city center and has some of the most expensive properties in the Antalya region in terms of real estate value. Because of its proximity to the city center, this neighborhood is popular among investors. There are numerous private villas in the region. For Russians, the region is one of the most attractive investment locations.

Belek district:

It is around 30 kilometers from the airport and is recognized as one of the most significant tourist hubs in Antalya, with a focus on sports tourism, conference tourism, and leisure tourism. Belek is Turkey's largest entertainment center, with amusement parks, massive water playgrounds, a retail complex, and a five-star hotel. As a result, the area has become a popular tourist destination in the realm of entertainment. Belek is particularly notable for its closeness to other tourist attractions like Serik, Aksu, and Manavgat, which lends it strategic value.


Types of real estate in Antalya 2022:


Residential real estate in Antalya:

Traditional open-plan flats with a residential neighborhood system are the most common and may be found throughout the city. Contemporary flats within modern complexes, on the other hand, are less common and more sought after by investors. The majority of these contemporary flats are situated in Konyaalti, Alanya, Muratpaşa, and Kepez.


Commercial real estate in Antalya:

Muratpaşa, Kepez, and Konyaalti are the three main areas in the city center with the majority of offices and businesses. Offices and stores tend to be key investment tools that most real estate owners use to gain permanent imports.

Lands in Antalya:

In terms of investment value, there are three categories of land: residential lands for developing residential projects such as flats and villas, independent houses, and commercial lands for developing commercial projects such as offices, stores, hotels, and tourist facilities. The third kind is agricultural lands, and it necessitates significant research and insight into the city's rebuilding strategies, as well as a thorough understanding of land regulations.


Real estate prices in Antalya:

Significance of the location and area:

The location is represented by numerous significant characteristics, the most important of which is the property's central position, whether it is close to the city center, as well as vital places and streets. It is desirable for commercial real estate to be located in marketplaces, commercially significant regions, and pedestrian-heavy roadways, with the property's front facing the major road. The second and most essential component is the public transportation component, which requires that the property, whether residential or commercial, be located near public transit lines as well as recreational amenities such as public parks, beaches, and public squares.


Property Features:

As if the property is distinguished by a well-integrated infrastructure appropriate for a variety of enterprises.


Average property prices in Antalya:

According to real estate statistics for the year 2022, the average price of a 100 square meter property is around 454,800 TL, although in certain regions of Antalya, this average exceeds one million liras, while in others, it falls below 350,000 TL. The average price of a residential property with an area of 100 square meters in the Konyaalti region is around 747,800 TL, while in the Kepez region, it is 347,700 TL, in Muratpaşa, it is 459,200 Turkish liras, in the Döşemealtı region, it is 368,500 Turkish liras, and in the Aksu region, it is 493,400 TL. It reaches 620,200 TL in the Alanya area, and 1,127,400 TL in the Kaş tourism district, while 606,500 TL in Kemer, 326,300 TL in the Serik district, and 365,700 TL in Manavgat are the typical prices for 100 square meters of property.


Real properties for sale in Antalya excellent for investment and citizenship 2022:

Real estate for sale in Antalya, a promising investment opportunity:

Due to the city's ability to transform and develop in the real estate field, and the great services offered, such as linking tramways and extending them to new areas, establishing hospitals and various service institutions such as the Medical City, as well as setting up projects, reorganizing and arranging service and recreational facilities, Antalya is now at the forefront of Turkish cities in terms of acquiring real estate value and constantly rising real estate prices.


Appropriate-for-citizenship properties for sale in Antalya:

The city is only second to Istanbul in terms of foreign investor attraction. Its importance stems from its status as a tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. Following the amendment of the law granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for the purchase of a property in Turkey, which reduced the required amount to $250,000, Antalya has seen an increase in demand for suitable properties for obtaining Turkish citizenship.


For its valued clients who wish to purchase property in order to get Turkish citizenship, damasturk Real Estate offers a broad choice of villas and apartments that are consistent with Turkish citizenship regulations.


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