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Tourist and leisure destinations in Başakşehir 2022

18/04/2022 Turkish Districts & Areas 1325 Tourist and leisure destinations in Başakşehir 2022

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1 What are the main tourist attractions in Başakşehir?

1. Başakşehir People’s Park
2. Fatih Terim Stadium
3. Hoşdere National Park: With an entire area of 142,400 square meters. It is centered around a mosque that is bordered on three sides by water. With a capacity of 2500 people, the mosque was created using architecture for the first time in Turkey.
4. Bahçeşehir Park: The garden's enormous artificial pond covers a total area of 26 thousand square meters. The Park has restaurants that overlook the pond, a golf course, picnic areas, and children's playgrounds.
5. Water Valley (sular bahçesi): It has a total area of 550 thousand square meters, with a green area of around 46 thousand square meters, and is known for its exquisite architecture and extensive hiking paths.
6. Yarımburgaz Cave: There are prehistoric discoveries in the cave that show the first indications of life. It was designated as a Grade 1 natural archaeological site in early 2001.

2 What are the most prominent features of Başakşehir's People's Park?

It is one of Europe's largest parks, with a total size of 360,000 square meters and a location adjacent to the main square in the area. An artificial pond, a thematic garden, numerous plants and trees, walking and cycling pathways, sports grounds, a reading center, and a cafeteria are among the features available in this park. Its well-coordinated garden, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters and boasts 24 different species of plants and flowers, provides a stunning view with vivid colors and a pleasant scent that pervades the region. Children may run, play, and fly kites on the 42,000-square-meter meadow.

3 What is the location and importance of Fatih Terim Stadium?

Fatih Terim Stadium is located in Istanbul's northern outskirts, close to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. The distance to Istanbul's core (such as Sultanahmet and Taksim Square) is around 25 kilometers. Because the stadium is close to the highway, it is easily accessible by vehicle. The stadium is less than 30 minutes' walk from Başakşehir MetroKent Station. On July 26, 2014, it was officially opened as a major sports center. It is home to Istanbul Başakşehir Football Club, with a capacity of 17,300 spectators. This massive stadium, which covers an area of 160,000 square meters, holds several matches throughout the year.

One of the most significant characteristics of Başakşehir district that attracts tourists and people looking to live or invest in Turkey is its abundance of locations with lovely nature and the best services to ensure that its visitors have a pleasant time. These are some of Başakşehir's most important locations to visit:

Başakşehir people's park (Başakşehir millet bahçesi):

It is one of the largest parks in Europe, with a total area of 360,000 square meters, near a huge city square. It comprises a man-made pond, a theme garden, several types of plants and trees, a walk and bike route, open-air sports fields, play spaces, a resting area, a reading center, and a cafeteria. In this coordinated garden, which spans an area of 30 000 square meters, there are 24 various species of plants and flowers that give the area an impressive view full of vivid colors and an excellent scent. Children may run, have fun, and fly kites in the 42,000 square meters grassy meadow. They also can rest among the camellias, sit in the seating spaces, or just play in their designated playgrounds if they so choose. People's cafe, which is made of wood adjacent to the biological pond, has a reading area and a cafeteria where you may relax.

Water valley in Başakşehir (sular vadisi):

Spread over 550,000 meters square, it is characterized by its magnificent architecture and the rich nature of its hiking routes, with a green space of around 46,000 m2 wherein the family may enjoy their time. Companies, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, and walking routes may all be found at Solar Valley. The existence of this unique park adds natural beauty to Başakşehir district, which is one of the most densely populated districts of the country's biggest metropolis. Solar Valley also hosts 5 mosques, a lengthy stream, beautiful ponds of various sizes, an amphitheater, cafes, restaurants, and marketplaces. Besides a closed parking lot with a capacity of 160 cars, in addition to an open parking area with a capacity of 85 cars for people visiting the park are available.

Bahçeşehir park in Başakşehir:

One of Istanbul's most extensive parks, which provides its visitors a number of advantages. The garden's enormous artificial pond occupies an area of 26 thousand square meters. The Park has restaurants adjacent to the beautiful pool, a golf club, picnic paths, and children's playgrounds. Bahçeşehir Park, which is frequented by individuals who want to enjoy their free time, stroll their children, and play sports, is one of the first places of relaxation for those arriving from the neighboring districts.

The national park in Başakşehir (hoşdere millet bahçesi):

This park, which covers an area of 142,000 square meters, is centered by a beautiful mosque, that is bordered by water on three sides. The mosque, which was constructed using applied architecture for the first time in Turkey, has a capacity of 2,500 people.

80,000 square meters of green space, exercise grounds, a biological pond, a thematic garden, numerous floras, 900 trees of 34 different kinds, walking and cycling trails, picnic spots, and a basketball court are all available.

Its forest, which covers 50,000 acres, has pine trees as well as other sorts of plants. Picnic tables, a bike - and jogging trail, outdoor sports fields, and children's playgrounds are all available in the 6-gate natural park.

Yarimburgaz cave in Başakşehir:

Prehistoric discoveries are found in this cave, which include indications of the first beginnings of life, and the first occupants that lived here are thought to depend on hunting and fishing. It was recognized as a natural archeological site of 1st grade at the beginning of 2001. It is one of the must-see destinations for history and archeology buffs.

Ataturk Olympic stadium in Başakşehir:

It lies in the Ikitelli neighborhood of Istanbul, 9 kilometers from the city center, and is on the UEFA "5 Star Stadiums" list. It is equipped for athletic activities of various types, from the amphitheater to training courses. The building of the Ataturk Olympic Stadium was started in 1999 over a surface area of 584 hectares to become the largest project in the Olympic Park. Completed in 2002, the stadium is equipped for 82,576 people and contains 18,900 parking lots.

Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium:

It is a significant sports facility that debuted on July 26, 2014. It is home to Istanbul Başakşehir Football Club and has a capacity of 17,300 people. This stadium, which is 160,000 square meters in size, holds several matches throughout the year. The stadium is quite big. Following 16 months of construction, the stadium opened on 26 July 2014. It was named after Fatih Terim, a former Turkish coach who never played for or coached Başakşehir.

How to reach Fatih Terim Stadium:

It is located not far from the Ataturk Olympic Stadium on the northern outskirts of Istanbul. It is around 25 kilometers to Istanbul Centre (just like the distance between Sultanahmet and Taksim Square). The stadium is on the highway and can thus be readily reached by vehicle. Public transportation is also an easy option for getting to the stadium; The stadium is less than a 30-minute walk from Başakşehir MetroKent station.


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Editing: damasturk



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