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Shopping centers and malls in Başakşehir 2022

05/09/2023 Turkish Districts & Areas 1606 Shopping centers and malls in Başakşehir 2022

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1 What are Başakşehir's most well-known shopping and entertainment destinations?

Many shopping malls define Başakşehir, making it a popular destination for people from all around Istanbul. We will focus on the most significant of these centers:
1. Başak Bazaar exhibition area.
2. Mall of Istanbul
3. Amusement center in Mall of Istanbul (MOIPARK)
4. Deposite Outlet Center: the region's first outlet mall that has been open since 2008. It is located between Başakşehir, Ekiteli and Istoç. It features numerous new brands (Nike, Hummel, and Köfteci Yusuf).
5. Olympia Mall: Which includes everything the family requires, as well as a delivery service for customers.

2 What are the features of the Başak Bazaar exhibition area?

It was created to bring the region's neighborhood markets together under one roof. A wide range of items, from food to textiles, are offered at various shops. This location is also set up as a venue for fairs, festivals, and other social gatherings. As a result, it is appropriate to refer to it as a shopping mall, yet offering a huge, roomy, and healthy retail environment, as well as restaurants, cafes, and movie theaters. The most essential feature, however, is that a green space has been constructed in the top roof portion, where visitors may relax underneath.

3 What are the prominent features the Mall of Istanbul ?

The Mall of Istanbul, Turkey's largest shopping, amusement and lifestyle center, has also been awarded as the 'Best Shopping Mall in the World' by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Since 2014, it has served numerous brands and has 350 local and foreign stores. In addition, the following activities are available:
- Cinemas with cutting-edge digital audio-visual systems.
- Restaurants and cafes.
- A 300-room hotel.
- Snow Park.
- Leisure zones.
- Moi Park indoor amusement park: With a total size of 12 thousand square meters and two levels, this is Turkey's first and biggest indoor entertainment city. For children aged 10 and above, there are playgrounds, swings, and games downstairs and for children aged 4 to 10 upstairs.

The harmony of both the distribution of residential structures and social amenities along with the large open areas makes Başakşehir district a distinct and unique region that conveys a feeling of ease and joy to its visitors. This of course comes in addition to its splendid position in the core of Istanbul which is a plus. However, the diversity in service and natural facilities is not full package until there are shopping centers that fulfill the requirements of region's pioneers. In this regard, Başakşehir went beyond that to include distinctive shopping and entertainment centers that made it a destination for residents of other regions. 

The following are the most important of these centers:

Başak Bazaar exhibition area in Başakşehir

This Bazaar exhibition was created to bring together the region's neighborhood markets under one roof. Some places sell different items ranging from foodstuff to textiles, so it was a cool idea to gather them together. This exhibition also was organized as a venue to host fairs, festivals and similar social activities. So, it may be considered as a shopping mall, but it also offers a huge, spacious, and healthy retail atmosphere, in addition to the restaurants, cafes, and cinemas available. The most essential feature of this Bazaar exhibition is that a green space has been established on the top roof part for guests to relax.

Mall of Istanbul

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) named the Mall of Istanbul as the largest shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle center in Turkey, as well as the 'Best Shopping Mall in the World'.

Mall of Istanbul

In this mall, which contains 350 domestic and international shops and numerous brands and has been open since 2014, there are spaces where you can relax and have fun, from shopping to dining, drinking, and recreation. Furthermore, the following is accessible as well:

  • Cinemas equipped with cutting-edge digital audio-visual technology
  • Restaurants and coffee shops
  • A hotel with a total capacity of 300 rooms
  • Moi Park which is a fun-filled indoor amusement park
  • A snow park
  • Leisure areas

You may go shopping, sample different cuisines in cafes and restaurants, participate in events at Moi Stage, or enjoy a day full of fun in the Moi Park, with adrenaline.

At MOI stage Mall Theater, you can see concerts by various musicians and works of Turkish and global theater, and you can also see movies at Cinetech, Turkey's largest cinema complex.


The entertainment city in the mall of Istanbul “MOIPARK”

Positioned in the Mall of Istanbul, Turkey's first and largest indoor entertainment city, and spans 12,000 square meters across two levels. There are playgrounds, swings, and games for children aged four to ten upstairs, and for children over the age of ten there are entertainments downstairs.

It is Turkey's first and only center with a horror theme, adrenaline games, enormous swings, amusement tunnels, game units, live theatrical performances, and family-friendly events. You can have fun with your family and spend quality time together.

Deposite shopping center in Başakşehir:

The region's first outlet mall, which has been open since 2008.

It lies in the middle of the Başakşehir, İkitelli and İstoç. There are various new brands (Nike, Hummel, Köfteci Yusuf) which have been incorporated to its structure. Visitors to the center can take advantage of special discounts right away by listening to instant sale announcements.

Deposite shopping center in Başakşehir

Deposite center authorities transformed one block into a complete office and merged shops from two blocks into one structure.

As it provides a convenient shopping opportunity every day of the year, the shopping center is a fantastic place to stroll about and explore the various local and foreign businesses and brands.

Also, with its unusual Turkish architecture, the commercial mall attracts attention, and in the vast garden, you may conduct your shopping or sample the many cuisines at the cafes and restaurants.

Olimpa Mall in Başakşehir

It has everything a family needs and is classified by a customer delivery service provided by buses that tour the neighborhood around the clock. The artistic activities and children's events that are held on a regular basis at Olimpa Mall are key factors in making it a destination and gathering place for the locals.


Source: Gezi Yorum
Editing: damasturk




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