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Duplexes vs. villas for sale in Turkey | New Style For Turkey Investment

01/04/2022 Investment in Turkey 35 Duplexes vs. villas for sale in Turkey | New Style For Turkey Investment

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Architectural styles of duplex apartments for sale in Turkey

Architecture in Turkey should not be underestimated with the brilliant Turkish architects who have developed several modernistic residences over the past 20 years. Some of those residences have been featured in foreign magazines. However, the most important feature of Turkish architecture is that it cooperates with the environment rather than stands against it, so properties optimize vistas, temperatures, and natural light. The magnificent properties of Kalkan on the Mediterranean shores are a great example of sharp-end Turkish construction. As one walks away from the beach, the land rises in Turkey. As a result, architects create front-facing residences with an abundance of windows so that residents may enjoy spectacular sea views at all times. For that and more, certain residences on the Aegean shore of Yalikavak are sometimes compared to Hollywood mansions, as they provide seclusion, premium style, contemporary design, and convenience, all in line with Yalikavak's luxury sailing spectacle. In Turkey's elevated real estate market, you may get anything from trendy to contemporary, to traditional, to any other global design.

How much do duplex houses cost in Turkey?

For a truly luxurious apartment in Turkey, an interested buyer needs to anticipate paying at least EUR 300,000. Nevertheless, we occasionally stumble across hidden treasures for as little as 100,000 euros, which are quickly scooped up by savvy investors. 

However, Yali mansions on the Bosphorus beachfront are considered Turkey's most costly market. Also, the Kalkan neighborhoods of Komurluk and Kisla, as well as Yalikavak on the Bodrum peninsula, are other locations to explore billionaire mansions. For individuals hoping to generate substantial returns on their investment, buying a luxury duplex house might be a wise decision. You can expect strong rental returns of up to 8% per year on your luxury duplex home in Turkey due to the luxurious setting and magnificent amenities.

Why do we recommend purchasing a duplex in Turkey?

Both investors and ordinary individuals might profit from purchasing a duplex house. So, if you are an investor, purchasing a duplex will provide you with two rental revenue sources from a single property. And, by constructing one, you will be able to generate roughly the same amount of rental income as two separate houses while saving thousands on land expenses, as a duplex takes far less land than two detached houses. 

If you are a regular purchaser, on the other hand, the biggest advantage is the price, which is sometimes up to half of what you would normally spend on an identically positioned separate property. This is excellent news for first-time buyers, those on a limited budget, and retirees and downsizers who seek low-maintenance living in a desirable area.

This implies you may either choose a better location for less money than purchasing a house in the same region, or you can purchase a home on your own strata land (excellent for long-term capital gain) instead of buying an apartment in a comparable place with no land.

As an example, suppose we have a customer with an $800,000 budget who wishes to purchase a home in a prominent coastal neighborhood. This customer could purchase a duplex in the same area for around $460,000 and still be in this prominent coastal neighborhood - a savings of nearly half the price. However, in this case, you will have to evaluate the advantages of saving a lot of money against the loss of privacy.

The duplex house would also come with the other benefits, including

  • Instead of the swarms of neighbors seen in an apartment building, there is simply one adjacent neighbor.
  • Again, and because there is just one duplex neighbor to contact, making improvements to your own property might be simple.
  • You enjoy the security advantages of having a nearby neighbor without living in each other's pockets.
  • Since you own your own property, you are not required to give up pets.
  • Due to the lack of body corporate fees, there may be an increase in rental revenue.
  • Since you own half of a conventional block, you will have fewer landscape maintenance tasks.

Architectural styles of villas for sale in Turkey

Turkey's breezy, light-filled, and contemporary villas are simply European market rulers due to their high-quality construction and Mediterranean attributes. All villas in Turkey feature balconies, poolside terraces, and occasionally even roof terraces, since architects in Turkey have recognized the necessity for optimum sunshine. Furthermore, things do not end here; Turkish architects have climbed through the ranks throughout the last decade to become among the world's most brilliant in this sector. Some aesthetics of areas such as Kalkan, where most luxury villas overlook the Mediterranean Sea and have floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the spectacular view. Other villas for sale in Bodrum are built in the traditional stone cottage style for which the region is known, evoking feelings of nostalgia while offering owners all of the contemporary conveniences. Meanwhile, in Üzümlü, where housing costs are reasonable and, in line with the mountainside motif, villas offer spacious gardens, great for resting or putting your green fingers to work. It is guaranteed that in Turkey you will find the villa or house you are looking for, whether you are planning to construct your own property or purchase it off-plan, new or second-hand.

How much do villas cost in Turkey?

Turkey villas in the lower price category range from 60,000 to roughly 110,000 euros, and they come mostly in compounds with shared manicured gardens and common pools. Saunas, gyms, and recreation areas are frequently available as common amenities. Such villas, however, usually have a living space of 100+ square meters with two to three bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.

On the other hand, private Turkish villas exceeding 150,000 euros have private pools, manicured gardens, and are either part of small complexes or just built on individual plots. This price range includes villas with three to four bedrooms and at least two baths, which are ideal for large families or family gatherings.

Why do we recommend purchasing a villa in Turkey?

Having a villa in Turkey would not only be convenient, but it would also be helpful. The following are some of the advantages of purchasing a villa in Turkey:

  1. Travel in comfort: You will not be required to make hotel reservations while on vacation, nor will you have to worry about missing the hotel's schedule or rules, nor will you have to deal with a large number of visitors. All of this will be forgotten. Possessing a seaside villa allows you to go on vacation anytime you choose.
  2. Cost-cutting: Although villas cost the most among the other forms of properties, the price will not be significantly higher than the price of a house in large Russian cities. Furthermore, you will obtain a completely furnished and ready-to-move-in property.
  3. Profitable investment: You have complete control over what you do with your new property; whether you rent it out or resell it is entirely up to you. In either case, you will earn since villas' values are always rising.
  4. Land ownership: When you purchase a villa, you become the owner of a plot of land adjoining the home. Foreigners are limited to purchasing no more than 10% of the land area in each province in Turkey and no more than 30 hectares per individual.
  5. Pleasant setting: With the exception of those on the front lines or the main streets, villas are rarely situated in densely populated areas.

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