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Agricultural Investment Law in Türkiye for Foreigners, New Investment Portal 2023

17/10/2023 Investment in Turkey 428 Agricultural Investment Law in Türkiye for Foreigners, New Investment Portal 2023

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  •  Agricultural investment in Turkey is one of the thriving investments in Turkey, and this is based on many refreshing elements of this investment in most Turkish lands, and we will certainly come to these elements in our article, but many foreigners overlook this type of investment even though it achieves lucrative and high profits. Regardless of how and how it works, why?
  • The mechanism of agricultural investment is different from other investments, because it requires follow-up and perseverance, and this is certainly difficult for all foreigners, but the Turkish government has facilitated this and adopted a mechanism that allows any investor to invest in agriculture without worrying greatly, through many incentives in addition to the existing labor force. In Turkey and the favorable climate, just prepare the capital and leave the rest to us. This is what the Turkish government does. 

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  • Turkey is a pioneer in the field of agricultural investment, and has achieved local records in this sector, and we will mention some of these numbers in the folds of our article. Damas Turk’s job today is to introduce you to a new investment gateway as we enter 2023, which is agricultural investment. Is this the only thing?
  • Our articles are detailed and comprehensive as usual. First, we will talk about the agricultural investment law and the latest updates related to it. After that, we will move on to the elements that are unique to Turkey and have been used to serve this investment. After that, we will talk in detail about the method and forms of agricultural investment, and finally, we will talk about the incentives that It is offered by the Turkish government to those wishing to make this investment. Let us learn about it.

What are the updates to the agricultural investment law in Türkiye 2023?

  • The Foreign Direct Agricultural Investment Law has been passed and approved by Parliament since 2003 and is still in effect to this day. There have not been any radical amendments in relation to it, but rather multiple new and additional opportunities for agricultural investment enthusiasts in the world. Important steps and laws have been taken to attract more A number of international investors have come to it, what are the most prominent ones? 
  • First and most important is that all laws related to this type of investment apply the same to local and foreign investors in all their forms and circumstances, and even that the treatment of foreign investors in government departments and institutions has special and distinct treatment compared to local investors, and this is to attract the largest possible amount of investments. to her. 

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  • Secondly, the incentives for foreign investors based on this law are multiple and motivating as well, the most prominent of which is the lack of need to obtain a visa for investors when they enter Turkey, in addition to their obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for certain conditions and investments. Foreigners also have the right to own a property in Turkey, as is the case with... Any Turkish citizen. 
  • Thirdly, providing tax facilities and exemptions in areas that the Turkish investor may not even obtain, and this is normal, especially since most countries adopt this strategy to support their economies from foreigners, right or left, and foreign investors in Turkey have had credit in several areas that have emerged in Turkey, such as the field Defense and military industries, trade, exports, and real estate investment in Turkey. 

How are the agricultural investment opportunities in Türkiye 2023?

  • A large part of Türkiye is located in an area historically called Mesopotamia! Yes, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that pass through Turkey, Syria and Iraq, all the lands extending between these two rivers are fertile lands full of agricultural and livestock wealth as well, and this means great opportunities in the field of agricultural investment.
  • Agricultural investment is based on great capabilities that Turkey possesses, which we will talk about in the following paragraphs, but we would like to remind you that Turkey is a pioneer in this field, and has record numbers in exports, the volume of exported products, and the types of plants it grows. We will mention to you the most important of these numbers and statistics before Moving to agricultural investment components in Turkey: 

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The most important figures related to agricultural investment in Türkiye in general

  • Turkey has a strong agricultural and food industry, as this field employs about 18% of Turkey’s population, all of whom are workers in the country until 2021. This industry represents a size of 5.5% of the country’s gross domestic product, and the agricultural sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product has reached The total is about US$45 billion in 2021!
  • Turkey is the tenth largest agricultural producer in the world and the world leader in the production of apricots, cherries, figs, hazelnuts and quince. It is also the world's first exporter of dried apricots, dried figs, quince, grapes and flour (cereals)! Yes, some may be surprised, but agricultural investment has great value in Türkiye.
  • Turkey has become a leader in the Middle East region in the production of milk and dairy products by producing 24 million tons of milk. In addition, while the total number of plant species in Europe is 11,500 species, it is estimated that Turkey approximately grows at least 11,000 of these species. Plant species!
  • This volume of production ensures that Turkey is considered one of the largest exporters of agricultural products in the Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa region, and maintains a largely positive trade balance. In 2021, Turkey exported 1,800 types of agricultural products to more than 190 countries and achieved 23 Only $1 billion in agricultural export revenue.

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  • Turkey aims to position itself as a preferred regional base and supply center among the leading global countries in the agricultural sector. Therefore, we come to the focus of our conversation and return to it. The government offers a number of incentives to potential investors in agriculture and food to encourage and increase investment in this sector, and now let us find out. On the characteristics that characterize Turkey and have led to the emergence of this field and leadership in it. 

First, Türkiye's geographical location and strategy 

  • We return to remind you that a large part of Turkey is located between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates, and historically this region was the most fertile and most abundant with water, and this means that the agricultural sector is always thriving, whether in terms of the need for water, or the location in terms of rainfall and its abundance. 
  • Turkey in general occupies a strategic geographical location in the world, as it is located on the border between the continents of Europe and Asia, and this means that there are plants that may only appear there, and it also means the ease of exporting and delivering all agricultural products to the countries of the region on both sides, European and Asian, especially since the countries of the homeland The Arab region lacks many plants that do not grow there due to drought and lack of rain. 

Secondly, the abundance of fertile lands in Türkiye

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  • The fertile lands in Turkey are vast, spacious, and very abundant throughout Turkey, and the Turkish government is working hard day and night to encourage investment in these lands, whether for Turkish citizens or foreigners as well. These lands are a unique opportunity to seize, buy, invest, and obtain lucrative profits from them. 
  • Wherever you go in Turkey, you will find fruit trees and vast green spaces, and most of this even depends on rainwater! All of this means that agricultural investment in these areas is somewhat easier than in some countries that lack rainwater, and therefore a great advantage that Turkey possesses is the abundance of fertile land there.

Third, the climate is suitable for growing plants throughout all seasons of the year

  • Anyone who has visited Turkey knows very well what the climate is like there. The climate is very pleasant, especially in previous years, when severe cold became rare. Snow may fall only two or three times a year, but the rain is very heavy, and fulfills and suffices the largest possible amount of agricultural land needs. With all dams in Turkey. 
  • Also, the sun does not set as often as is the case in Europe, which lacks some agricultural plants that need the sun as a major factor in their growth. Thus, Turkey combined the climate of Africa, Asia, and Europe in one place, and this has a major impact on the agricultural sector in Turkey. 

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Fourth, employing technology to support this sector and increase incentives and facilities for everyone

  • Turkey is very strong in the field of industry and is self-sufficient in this sector, especially after it emerged in the field of defense industries and drones, in which it became a pioneer. The agricultural sector had a large share of industries and the development of agricultural machinery, and this would mitigate a very important factor, which is ? 
  • It is human and manual labor, which affects the agricultural sector greatly, because of the constant need for this labor and its lack of availability in abundance, although a large number of people work with it, the need far exceeds that percentage that we mentioned, and that is because the agricultural sector has a need for this labor. These mechanisms and resources were a relief for this sector, and technology continues to greatly help this sector. Now let us learn about the types of agricultural investment in Turkey.

What are the best types of agricultural investment in Türkiye 2023?

  • We will begin by talking about the most famous types of crops in Turkey, the first of which is hazelnuts.

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First, agricultural investment in hazelnut fields

  • Turkey is considered one of the largest suppliers of hazelnuts to the countries of the world, and Turkish hazelnuts are famous for their high quality based on their distinctive climate, in addition to the availability of many factors that help the growth of hazelnut trees, such as the appropriate environment, and this is what encouraged many investors to invest in cultivating hazelnut trees. This agriculture is very widespread in cities near the Black Sea. 
  • Turkey's annual exports of hazelnuts reach approximately 200 thousand tons! Yes, therefore, agricultural investment in hazelnut farms was a profitable and rewarding investment, and those areas where they are widely spread are among the regions in Turkey, and many of you know them, such as Ordu, Trabzon, Samsun, and other famous cities there. 

Secondly, agricultural investment in walnut fields  

  • Walnuts are considered one of the most important types of luxury nuts that are used in many industries, the most important of which are sweets in Turkey. Local production only covers 40-50% of the market’s needs, and the global demand for walnuts is constantly increasing, and this makes walnuts an indispensable basic material.

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  • Returns on investment in walnut farms may reach 25% when the trees have fully grown and reached their maximum productivity. Turkey is distinguished by the best types of walnuts around the world. There are many types of walnuts grown in Turkey, and the methods of cultivation and production also vary, and walnuts do not need a lot of care for this. It is considered one of the favorite agricultural investments for many.

Third, agricultural investment in olive fields  

  • As we mentioned to you, Turkish agricultural lands are among the most fertile lands, and olive cultivation in Turkey occupied the first positions, and is considered sixth in the world in the cultivation and production of olive oil. The climate in Turkey has helped to grow olive trees in abundance, and it is one of the best regions that is famous for olive cultivation. Mersin is a coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • There are many cities where olive trees are grown, and olive cultivation generates good profits for investors due to the great demand for olives and their oil as well. Olives are considered one of the fruits that achieve high profits in addition to being easy to store and export. It does not require many complications, just buying land that has olive trees. Enough for this special investment.
  • Of course, there are many other crops that can be invested in, such as sunflowers, wheat, vegetables, and others, but the most in demand in Turkey and the easiest to export are what we mentioned to you in previous paragraphs. In general, agricultural investment has proven itself to be completely profitable in all aspects and forms. 

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How do we start agricultural investment in Türkiye and what is the mechanism? 

  • The Turkish government has launched a platform through which any investor who wants to invest in agricultural investment can inquire and ask about how to start and launch his project, whether with regard to the appropriate climate, types of soil, abundance of water, and other basic matters. We will leave this platform for you at the end of the article so that you can browse it. And know all the main things.
  • But on your journey, you need an expert real estate consultant in this field, who provides you with all matters related to this investment, in terms of agricultural engineers, choosing suitable lands for crops, or purchasing what is ready in them, and the legal papers in these matters are very important, so Never forget this aspect, or let us help you by communicating with us directly through the means of communication available on our website. 
  • The Turkish government generally supports all foreign investments, specifically in the field of agriculture, especially in the presence of all the climatic factors that ensure successful agricultural investment. Therefore, it breaks all routine and other procedures for investors and facilitates them through the following conditions: 
  1. First, it is necessary to establish a limited liability company with a capital of no less than one hundred thousand Turkish liras.
  2. Secondly, the area of ​​agricultural land must be at least one thousand square meters in one of the cities suitable for agricultural investment.
  3. Thirdly, it is very important to present an economic feasibility or vision for the agricultural project that will be started.
  4. Fourth, providing sources for irrigation of crops by digging wells and extracting groundwater.

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What are the incentives for agricultural investment in Türkiye 2023? 

First, full support from the Turkish government   

  • We noted during our article the amount of support that the Turkish government gives to investors wishing to engage in this type of investment. As for this support, it is categorically necessary to check with the municipalities and official departments before starting it, whether in terms of knowing what the incentives are? Or in terms of how to start.
  • This is better for the investor so that he does not fall victim to buying land that may not be supported by its crops, irrigation, and the like. Here the responsibility falls on us and to follow up with you from A to Z. The correct investment is with an expert real estate advisor, and our experience extends for more than ten years. In the real estate market in Turkey.

Secondly, partial or complete exemptions from taxes

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The most prominent forms of taxes that affect investment are two types of taxes, and we will mention them to you next, but these exemptions must be inquired about before starting to invest, as is the case in the previous paragraph, because these exemptions may be complete or partial in terms of percentages, and no advisor, no matter what, can His knowledge reached only when he returned to official institutions and learned from them. As for the types of taxes, they are: 

  • First, value-added tax exemption KATMA DEĞER VERGİSİ.
  • Secondly, exemption from customs duties GÜMRÜK VERGİSİ.

Third, the investor obtains Turkish citizenship in exchange for purchasing lands

  • According to the law approved by the Turkish government in 2018 regarding investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship, which allows investors who purchase real estate worth $400,000 to obtain Turkish citizenship, does this apply to land or apartments only? 
  • It applies to any immovable property, and this means that lands are included in that, but it must exceed the required value, which as we mentioned to you previously, and there are many conditions that must be paid attention to, and we will list them for you so that you do not confuse matters and miss opportunities in the midst of this investment. Distinguished.

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  • The value of the land or lands is not less than 400,000 US dollars.
  • Reserve the land or lands for a period of three years and pledge not to sell under any circumstances.
  • Only a wife with children under 18 years of age is granted Turkish citizenship with the property owner as well.
  • The period for obtaining Turkish citizenship does not exceed 90 days. 
  • Transferring funds through the Central Bank of Turkey and obtaining a transfer certificate.
  • All funds are transferred from buyer to seller via bank transfer, nothing is accepted
  • In conclusion, we must mention that agriculture in Turkey is one of the most important economic resources that distinguishes it from the rest of the countries of the region, and what distinguishes Turkey are the factors that help the success of agricultural investment in it, as we mentioned to you, because of the tremendous components and capabilities it contains in this field, as it includes lands The large areas suitable for agriculture, the diversity of crops and fruits, and also the provision of export routes between countries, which helps in the growth and sustainability of this investment.
  • Here we have done our job in this article and introduced to you the agricultural investment law from door to door, as it is said in Arab circles, which we started with in the law and ended by learning about the distinctive investment incentives that the Turkish government offers you, a unique opportunity to obtain a distinguished agricultural investment. We can be your partners in this journey, so contact us.
  • Agricultural investment in Turkey is certainly a successful, safe and profitable investment, which benefits the capital on the one hand and the investor on the other. Are you seeking this as well? Or rather, we will tell you what are you waiting for now? Most investors have already done this before you, and you are still watching and analyzing from afar. Take the initiative now to obtain real investment opportunities with rewarding investment returns.. 
  • Damas Turk Real Estate Company has many investment opportunities in several areas mentioned in the article here. Do you want to benefit from them? All you have to do is click here to communicate with the most important consultants in the company. It provides you with complete economic feasibility with a definitely profitable investment, and documented with numbers and analyses.. Contact us and do not hesitate. 

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